Daily Prompt: Pretend or not?


Lord Swiss and I were on our way home this week from a walk around our estate, so I said he should take a photo of me in front of our villa including the drive. I know, it is really time to have the trees trimmed and perhaps the lawn mowed. I shall have to tell the gardener to reserve some time to do it, but at the moment  he is busy cultivating our orchid collection.

Orchid 2016 4I told Charles that the orchids were getting a little out of hand, especially the striped beauty which had been producing far too many flowers and too often. Charles did add that we should have a second greenhouse to accomodate the collection as they were getting a little out of hand. We had some plans for extending our property, as a second garage was becoming necessary. I decided it was time to organise our car fleet. Ferrari 30.08 (1)Having the Bently  and the Rolls together with the Ferrari was a little complicated and there was hardly any room left to make a smooth exit from the garage. You just cannot have a Rolls next to a Ferrari, it looks so shabby and people will begin to talk if it is noticed.  Even the chauffeur, Jeeves, was complaining as he found that it was getting more and more difficult to polish the windscreen wipers and clean the windows of our car fleet.

Castle Waldegg 23.09 (2)Oh, did I tell you we have decided to spend our next holiday in our summer house in France for a change. It will make a change from our chalet in the mountains. Of course a few renovations will have to be made. We should really have a swimming pool in the gardens, everyone has one today. Lord Swiss found that this time we should take the Lear Jet and not travel by road. There are so many common tourists at this time of the year congesting the roads.

An invitation arrived yesterday for the Queen’s tea party at Buckingham Palace. I know what you are thinking, again. Yes, it is becoming rather a stress. Each time I have to buy a new hat, I mean you cannot arrive in the gardens with the same hat you wore last year, people will begin to talk. To be quite honest, this invitation does not suit me at all. It is exactly when the races are at Ascot and I was really looking forward to Ascot. Our prize stallion has been entered for the Totescoop6 Challenge Cup, you know the UK’s joint most valuable seven-furlong handicap at £180,000, and we really should be there. I hope the Queen does not mind. Oh the stress we have to bear.

Sir Montague and his wife have again invited us for a ski week-end at St. Moritz during the Christmas season. I should really organise a new ski dress. I mean you must be dressed for the occasion at St. Moritz, otherwise people will begin to talk. You cannot strap any old ski to your feet, they should at least be frontside skis, carve oriented, designed to chew up corduroy and hard packed snow. That will soon put the Montagues in their place. I heard they are originally from commoners, his father making his fortune as a pop star of all things. 

And now I should go, I can hear the butler calling. He is not sure whether to serve the Chateu Margaux or the Chataue Lafite with the evening meal. It is so confusing, especially when the main dish is grouse from our estate.

All photos originals  from my collection

Daily Prompt: Pretend or not?

19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Pretend or not?

  1. I love how ‘normal’ you sound in spite of all your luxuries. It is good to know that deep down, you are just common folk. Now if you have your driver move the Bentley, I can get in my little Nissan and drive on home… 😀

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      • Are you sure you’re not just pretending? I’ve just read The Return of Jeeves and according to PG Wodehouse the aristocracy has fallen on hard times. Here’s his opening paragraph:

        Towcester Abbey—pronounced Toaster—the seat of William Egerton Ossingham Belfry, ninth Earl of Towcester, is one of those stately homes in England which were a lot statelier in the good old days before the moth got at them. It stand—such portions of it have not fallen own—in the heart of Southmoltonshire… Its architecture is 13th century, 15th century, and Tudor; its dilapidation 20th century post-WWII.

        But of course if one is filthy rich, one can afford the upkeep. Unfortunately Bill Belfry wasn’t.

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    • The villa is a five minute walk along the main road to where we live and belonged to a wealthy person. He and his wife passed away and the son inherited, so he sold it. It has now been bought by another wealthy person. They even have tennis courts in the grounds. From where we live we can walk along a path to the back of the villa. Our cat often makes himself comfortable in the bushes bordering the garden.


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