Photo Challenge: Quest

Feldbrunnen 23.o9 (9)Jura mountains – view from our vilage of Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

Ducks Geese 23.09 (12)

We now have ducks and geese at the local farm

Photography is a hobby. I love taking photos, something different. Macro and close up are my favourite photos. These photos are a result of my quest for a teleobjective for my camera. A wish I had for some time, saved up and now have my lens. I was standing far away when I took the photos, but now I can do the close-ups I had dreamed off. Taking photos of distant landscapes and animals separated by wire fencing is no longer a problem. I am now a happy photographer. It is especially important for me as I am no longer as agile as I would like to be and this lens has brought me the fun I was missing with my photography.

Photo Challenge: Quest

6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Quest

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  2. I love ducks too, but not cooked. Definitely not cooked as I’m allergic to duck, the food. It is the only food to which I am allergic, so I love them without getting hungry.

    Your mountains are indescribably beautiful.

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    • I think I have eaten duck once in my life – not something we get in the supermarket. It did not impress me and I found it nothing special. I prefer chicken.


  3. The ducks look like they’re smiling for some other paparazzi. Maybe there was another lens behind some other bushes far away. Have you thought of it that while you’re taking pics of distant objects, others with long-range lenses may be getting a great shot of you?

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    • Something like the film Blow Up from Michelangelo Antonioni, but the guy took random shots of a couple in a park and discovered later he had taken the photo of a corpse. Now that would be interesting.


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