Daily Prompt: La Passionata

Foto am 18.09.16 um 15.32

Do I look like I  an now spend the next 20 minuts more or less writing about “passionate” which is todays prompt subjet. No, I am not in a passionate mood, far from it. I am more in the “lazy, cannot be bothred” phase. What am I supposed to get passionate about?

Dahlias in the rain

Perhaps I can get passionate about the view from my windown – no, no passion. It is raining, overcast and even my dahlias are letting their heads droop, weighed down by the weight of the water. It is a miserable unfriendly day. I decided to get passionate about a banana. They are healthy. Apes love them, so why not. I like them as well, and we humans originate from the apes it seems (Mr. Darwin are you listening?). Perhaps it is what I need to bring some passion into this dreary overcast boring Sunday. Where are my bananas. They are outside in the fruit bowl to keep the fruit flies away. There are apples in the fruit bowl, but no bananas, and I was convinced there were two bananas left. Now I was getting passionate, even annoyed, but Mr. Swiss reassured me that no-one had touched my remaining two bananas. He had put them in the kitchen as they would otherwise be too cold outside. How thoughtful? Alther emergency avoided, although we did have a disussion as my banana was not in its accustomed place.

This morning I passionately cleaned the windows, no problem and afterwards I decided to have a passionate rest on the bed to relax before beginning to peel the potatoes for lunch. I had a passionate golden oldie sleep after lunch and am now passionately writing this blog, but just cannot get enough passion togeher to come up with something to write.

Even the rain is not very passionate, just dripping down one heavy drop after the other splashing onto the stones of the porch (now that is a Nobel literature prize suspicious phrase). Mr. Swiss has decided on a film on the TV which he recorded and which we already watched many moons ago.

Where have the days gone when we went places and did things? Sunday afternoon we would searcb for ideas of things to do. Let’s go for a ride in the car, there is lovely tea room in that village about half an hour away where they do great apple tarts, or raspberry twirls. We would get ready and go, and drag a couple of the kids with us. They would go anywhere for cakes at that time. We would return tired but happy, having the knowledge that we had achieved somethind on a dreary Sunday afternoon. It was not with great passion that the Sunday evening arrived as we were mentally preparing ourselves for another day at work on Monday, but you cannot have everything.

Today we are free, no work on Monday, another day of sweet nothings in golden oldie town. The passion has now gone and routine taken over. We now attack a relaxed life with a different sort of passion. We have it all behind us and enjoy the days and moments with all their suprises and even boredom. I take photos, Mr. Swiss practices drumming. There is always something to do with passion, you just have to find it and do it.

And now to relax from this exhausting work at the computer. I think I will just watch the rain passionately falling outside and count the drops. It suits the mood of the day.

Daily Prompt: La Passionata

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: La Passionata

  1. Passion dies as Sunday comes to an end that is so true. The thought of the approaching weekdays is enough to crush the mood 😛 Passion is the real deal! We need rain it is cloudy, gloomy, and humidity just adds to the agony of boredom.

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    • Mr. Swiss and I served thw work force for many years and Sunday evenings were so a damper on the the week, knowing that the usual routine would begin again on Monday through to Friday. We have it now behind us and who cares if it rains or snows on saturday. You live in a different climate to us. Monsoon is a joke here, Monsoon is the real thing where you live. Personally I am glad for some rain to relax and cool down the surroundings.


      • Monsoons hare are nothing but floods in farther areas and mad traffic jams in cities because of the clogged drains. It is been a while and it needs to cool down, October is almost here. Yeah, the Monday through Friday routine gets exhausting. There should be like a day off in the week too haha.


    • I never was the passionate type, after all I am bascially a Brit and Brits are not really known for their passion. The Swiss are not far behind the Brits in that respect. We are both cool and take things one at a time. Why make things so complicated and spend time on passion.


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