Flower of the Day: 13.09.2016 Shamrock

Shamrock 12.09 (1)

It is shamrock, you know the irish clover where the leprachauns hide, but in Switzerland we have no leprachauns, just tons of shamrock. It grows everywhere in my garden, but this is the first time I managed to actually take a photo of the little yellow flowers. As soon as they flower, the flowers disappear. Thank goodness they are easy to remove from the garden; just a pull and the stems are removed with the roots, but that does not stop them returning. Every year the same battle with the shamrock and we are not even irish.

Flower of the Day: 13.09.2016 Shamrock

11 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 13.09.2016 Shamrock

  1. I use to see lot of this when I was a child, but I never see any around here. I don’t remember seeing yellow flowers with it, just spent time looking for a four leaf one. Maybe it was so different kind of clover.

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    • It is a clover, but not the usual clover. They grow very quickly, usually small individual plants, can get taller if you let them, but are easy to remove, more fragile perhaps. It is not the sort to search for a four leaved one.

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    • We have shamrock all over the place, especially after some rain. I wanted to feature it for some time, but it is rare that you find a good example of it flowering.


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