Yes, we have no bananas

I write a blog every morning, if possible. This morning, due to what I wrote, it seems I have insulted the banana. I really did not mean to, it just happened, but bananas are not just bananas. How I remember the song which was written some time in the 1920’s due to a banana shortage from Brasil, so google tells me. My memories are more from my mum in the 2nd World War, when there were no bananas in England due to a 5 year import stop. I remember one of my teachers at school, she was jewish and immigrated to London some time at the beginning of the 20th century where she saw and ate her first banana. Bananas are not just bananas, they have become a symbol over the years. If bananas are available, then the world is OK.

I am far from being an expert on bananas, but I like them and they are healthy. It seems they are not so good if you are diabetic due to their sugar content, but things change and I now eat my banana every day for digestive reasons.

Fruit flies like bananas as well. They do no peel them, they land and do whatever they do to enjoy them. This is where my dilemma began. What to do with a bowl of fruit containing bananas? Everytime you remove a banana you have to go into combat with a flock of fruit flies who are being interrupted with their banana absorbing session. After all they want to eat their bananas in peace and not have a clumsy human with hands and fingers causing a disturbance. For this reason I/we (Mr.Swiss gave me his full support) decided to put the bananas in the fridge.

This is wrong, wrong, wrong. It has been proved that keeping your bananas in the fridge causes them to turn brown quicker. As my bananas were already turning brown before I put them in the fridge, I cannot judge on this matter, but am sure it is undisputable. However, help has been offered by my followers and there are suitable net covers available to place over my bananas outside to prevent the fruit fly invasion.

These covers have been available for many years and I was even in the possession of one some years ago, but somehow it was lost in various moving sessions. Today is Sunday and I ate a  banana this afternoon which I took from my fridge. It tasted OK, although I removed it about an hour before I ate it to let it arrive at room temperature. The shops are closed today and tomorrow I will not be availble for a shopping tour, as I will be in another town. However, I will keep my eyes open for this wonder tent to cover my bananas and I will promise you all faithfully, that as soon as the opportunity arrives I will buy an anti fruit fly banana tent to protect my bananas and to ensure that they will no longer take up room in my fridge slowly turning brown, after all I have other more useful food to keep in the fridge.

In the meanwhile, yes, we have bananas, perhaps no longer as yellow as they should be, but beneath the skin they have kept their banana shade of yellow. 🙂

Computer and banana

Good Morning 04.09.2016

10 thoughts on “Yes, we have no bananas

  1. The good news about fruit flies is that they dies quickly. Annoying, but they don’t set up shop and move in for the long haul.

    Garry prefers bananas to all other fruits because it is the neatest fruit. Come wrapped, but it’s easy to remove from it skin, no implements required.

    I like bananas mostly as an ingredient in banana bread. I think we OD’d on bananas during a long period when we had bananas in the house all the time. Now, we rarely buy them.

    SOME weird people like banana and peanut butter sandwiches. I think this is a most strange combination, but then again, I don’t like peanut butter.


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