Flower of the Day: 31.08.2016 Sunflower


They certainly earn their name. This is one of the perfect ones from the local garden store and it is real. I know it does not look like it. I used to have sunflowers in the garden. The birds loved them. When they were finished flowering I would leave the flower heads and they would have a feast on the seeds in the center.

Flower of the Day: 31.08.2016 Sunflower

8 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 31.08.2016 Sunflower

    • Sunflowers are not always so perfect. I think the sunflowers we grow from birdseed are a lesser quality. Not so perfect, with the petals but with very large centers to produce the seeds. I have black eyed Susan in my garden. The flowers are much smaller, a sort of mini sunflower.


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