Good Morning


I was sitting out on the porch yesterday evening after the evening meal and everything was suddenly bathed in an orange light. I decided to check if “they were here” and looked up. I saw no spaceship but this was the sky. Of course, I captured the moment on my phone camera. Our temperatures yesterday were heat wave similar. Mr. Swiss said that “they” (the unknown creatures) had predicted some rain later, so this was probably the ouverture. This mysterious colour soon changed into something more normal and I forgot all about it. I watered the garden as it had been very hot and my plants were sort of hanging their heads, waiting for refreshment.

Nothing more happened until I was awakened around 1 o’clock in the morning with a loud crash and it seemed that the sky had opened and we were getting a general shower. It was the first rain for at least two weeks, and it was making up for lost time. We had the whole show with bangs, rain and probably bolts of lightening, although I decided not to leave my comfortable bed to watch it all. After the first bang, we heard a rattle followed by a meow. Tabby our feline had decided on another night sleeping outside until the storm began. She was faster than a Formula 1 racing car as she entered through the cat flap. Thunder for a feline must be something like a bomb exploding. Mr. Swiss decided to have a look and said she was now indoors and not very happy.

Things quietened down and to the background of falling rain I fell asleep, but Tabby was lonely, needed attention and in the early morning hours she decided to play a tune on our bedroom door with regular stratching noises. This built up into continuous meows of the moaning kind, probably translated with “let me in, you bed is more comfortable than mine”. I was tempted, but no way, otherwise you have a moaning feline forever in your bedroom every night. Either she stopped or I fell asleep, but things calmed down.  This morning she was sleeping again outside on her favourite chair of the moment. Cats seem to have short memories.

It is another bright sunny morning and despite the night’s signals that the end of the world is around the corner, things have calmed down. The garden now has enough water and it looks like it will become a nice day, although I hope not such high temperatures in the afternoon.

Have a relaxed Sunday everyone, take it easy and if your are bored, you can always write a blog about it.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. This was so good, I didn’t want it to end 😀
    Please make a story out of it, something like when you woke up in the morning you saw a broken spaceship in your yard or something. Tabby was scratching on your door to warn you of that 😛 Haha. i dunno but it could be something you know! 😀

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    • the storm was an isolated event. Today it is as hot as ever, but at least we had a good soaking. We have also had a stop on watering the garden here in the hot summers, where the water had to be saved. At the moment we seem to have enough, but it is so expensive, we are careful with using it.


  2. You are more strong minded than I am. A determined cat will get me to open the door every time as they can keep it up for an interminable amount of time. Luckily Polly does not like to sleep on the bed with Cindy and me although she enjoys napping on it at odd times when I am not in it.


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