Flower of the Day: 28.08.2016 Orchid

Orchid 26.08 (1)

I have a new orchid. Its predecessor was no longer as fresh as it should be, was losing its flowers and so I had a look at the garden department of the supermarket and saw they had a special offer on the big orchids so I decided to buy one. I wanted a white orchid for some time, but Mr. Swiss persuaded me to go for the more yellow variety.

OrchidAs you can see it is quite big. I took the photo on the left in the garden, but my cat Tabby decided she also wanted to get into the picture.

I quite like orchids because they flower for quite a time, often up to 1-2 months. They cost a little more than a flower bouquet, but flowers in a vase might last a week if you are lucky. You can keep the orchids when they have finished flowering and perhaps they might flower again, although not always. I usually choose an orchid that still has closed buds as it means to me that they are still fresh.

Since this orchid arrived last week, three new buds have opened.

Flower of the Day: 28.08.2016 Orchid

12 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 28.08.2016 Orchid

  1. I agree with you about orchids lasting a long time. Mine are through flowering and I have been eyeting them. Last week my grocery store was offering a dozen cut flowers of orchids.
    I am amaze as I when I was growing houseplants the reviews were you needed a greenhose to grow them. Have you read any of Rex’s Stouts Nero Wolf stories and fiction about orchids?

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    • I remember te Nero Wolf TV series, but have never read any books. My orchids grow quite nicely indoors during the Winter and in summer I keep one on the kitchen table and the others outside in a nice shady place. We seem to get a new special offer on orchids every week, but have never seen cut flowers, only in the pots.


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