Daily Prompt: The Daily Witness

Foto am 26.08.16 um 15.08

Mr. Swiss is my daily witness, he observes everything and sees all. Although often not everything, otherwise I would know where I misplaced the things I cannot find, but even Mr. Swiss has his problems. Before I retired to my golde oldie sleep today after lunch, he was in dire straits. He was searching and could not find. He had lost his iPad. I never lose my electronic online articles, beause they continuously make sounds to tell me where they are. Someone might press a like on one of my blogs, the iPad and telephone strike a chord together. Mr. Swiss does not do this sort of thing, because he finds it an annoyance. I find it something useful, someone somewhere is telling me something. Perhaps it is because he does not blog, he only reads blogs, my blogs.

He leads a silent online life, no ringing tones, no tunes, nothing. Oh, I forgot, now and again he might get a “ping”, but we all get “pings”, they are the things that tell you about a message, even a reminder that you should do a programmed important something in your life.

And so after my golden oldie sleep the emergency situation was still in existence. His first words were something like “Where is my iPad”. If he had a sound on the iPad, if he allowed it to talk to him he would have found it immediately. My iPad or phone are never missing because they send me a signal. Eventually the missing iPad was found in the cupboard where he had put it. Of course you only find these things quickly if they make a sound. My electronic devices are always set at the highest level of sound to make sure I can hear them (and everyone else). However, in the late evening I am told to reduce the volume as a continuous ring can interrupt the TV programme or disturb the concentration of something you might be doing.

UntitledToday in the supermarket my telephone was continuously reminding me that it was my witness as it is also programmed to vibrate. If it wants my attention, no only does it make a noise but also moves. As it is always in the pocket of my trousers, it tends to give me a nudge. “Talk to me, I can see you, and I have a message” it tells me. You see, if Mr. Swiss programmed his online stuff to make a noise and also vibrate he would always find them.

This morning he decided he did not want to lose me as I had the shopping basket. It is so nice and comfortable to cling to when I am walking and I do not have to use my cane. He decided to take a photo of me with his telephone, probably to show people in case he lost me, as he lost his iPad. This morning I decided it was time to buy a new orchid as the orchid I had was beginning to wilt and there was a special offer for king sized orchids in the supermarket.

And now to go, we have witnessed enough today, it is hot, we are having a heat wave at the moment, and my glass of cola with the ice cubes is almost to an end.

Daily Prompt: The Daily Witness

21 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Daily Witness

  1. I enjoy following your blog. I love your photo!! It is so nice reading about you and Mr. Swiss. I was married for 17 years. Am not currently married but some day in the future I hope to have a significant other as sweet as Mr. Swiss in my life 🙂
    With Respect, Carmela

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    • Hi Carmela. Yes Mr. Swiss and I have not been together for 48 years – time flies. We were both young and lovely when we married, and looking at the photo we still are – at least I think so. I do not remember that we wore glasses when we married.

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  2. My computer is silent because I keep it in one place, so it would be hard to lose. Unless we are traveling, but even then, I tend to find a spot and that’s where it stays. Even my Kindle has a home … on my night table. But IT makes a little noise. You can’t silence a Kindle. It’s impossible. You also can’t silence a cell phone. They bing, bong, yowl, whistle, ring, and sometimes yell at you. So I turn it off if I’m not actually using it — after carefully tucking it in my bag so I can find it again. Because I’ve gotten a bit forgetful.

    Yet things still disappear. For this, I blame those little people, pixies, fairies and brownies. Because it can’t be ME, right?

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    • I like my little devices that make noise, because I know where they are. My favourite is my mobile phone although no-one really calls me. It is all the side dishes that I like. I mainly only call people with Facebook messenger because it costs nothing. I made enough expensive experience when dad passed away. No-one called me from england, it was too expensive for the British government organisations. I had to call them and was kept waiting until they had dealt with other callers. My telephone bill was more than twice as it usually was.


  3. My husband got his own IPad this year, and has become Mr Facebook. He’s doing pretty well for someone who uses a flip phone. I never have to worry about him misplacing it because it’s always in his hand lol. Hope your orchid is blooming prettily.

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    • I think we now have at least 4 iPads between us. I use my iPad often when I am not on the computer. We now have a new orchid. They are quite reasonable in comparison to a flowers as they last at least 1-2 months and flowers only a week.


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