Daily Prompt: With a camera everything is obvious


It is quite obvious that this afternoon is one of those hot sunny afternoons, temperatures above 30° C.  I decided to take a photo of the sun with my mobile. Who knows how long the hot sunny weather will remain, although according to our weather prophets it will be a week. It cools down during the night and the mornings are also quite bearable, but the afternoon sun returns with a vengence.

What do you do on hot sunny afternoons? You sit somewhere in the shade. I used to lay on a sun bed in my younger days, absorbing the sun and turning my alabaster body into 50 shades of sun. I was one of the lucky ones that rarely had suburn, but today as a golden oldie I do not bother so much. I prefer to sit on my porch, sheltered by the overhanging roof of the balcony above and sun shade and blog. Now and again a light breeze arrives.

Coca Cola with iceThirst overcomes you. Drinking water from the tap is not so good, it is obvious that it will be warm, and that you will have to let the water run for some time until it cools down. Water, in Switzerland, is one of our most expensive commodties and everyone saves where they can. We even now have water counters in our appartments to ensure that everyone pays for their own water usage and does not have to pay for the water  belonging to the others. If you have a garden, it is obvious that you will need more water than those without. We have a back and front garden, and unless it rains, we give the gardens a shower daily.

I decided to make my way to the kitchen and fix myself a glass of something cold from the fridge. Today was my lucky day. It was obvious that Mr. Swiss had the same idea of cooling down with a drink and on my way to the fridge I noticed  a glass of coca cola containing ice. What could be better. Mr. Swiss was not around and I was thirsty. I was convinced he had prepared this drink for me, it was obvious. Mr. Swiss returns from wherever he was and regards his glass of coca cola with a suspicious long glance. Actually Mr. Swiss glasses of Coca Cola are not really my thing, because he tends to water them down. I prefer them pure and fizzy, but beggers cannot be choosers.

I decided to confess that I was tempted by his iced cola. He replied that it was obvious as the level in the glass was lower than when he had last seen it. He was not annoyed and so I decided to quench my thirst further. I think I will now have to refill the glass as there is not so much left.

Cocacola and the computerWe now have an obvious problem. Refilling the glass means that I would be forced to drink further from Mr. Swiss glass, as I would still be thirsty and who can resist a glass of iced cola on a hot summer afternoon with the sun beating down. I found an obvious solution. I prepared my own glass of iced cola. This time it was not watered down, but pure and not shaken and as you can see the ice cubes are bigger and more. Some things are so obvious you really do not have to think about them.

I even fitted an hour physio therapy into my afternoon. Some nice relaxing exercises to practice at home, one of the advantages being that a couple were in a horizontal position, my favourite. It seems I should pay more attention when walking to keeping a better upright position. Yes, it is obvious that I am on my way to becoming the bionic woman.

Note the illustrations, as I said with a mobile telephone camera everything becomes even more obvious.

Daily Prompt: With a camera everything is obvious

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: With a camera everything is obvious

  1. I’ve always had the kind of skin that burns after five minutes while Garry, in his younger days, could lie in the sun from first light until sunset and just turn blacker and blacker. By the end of summer, we looked like different species. Now, though he’s not so fond of the sun and mostly, both of us avoid it.

    But we still keep chilled coke in the house. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that will fill that thirst 🙂

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    • I took after my dad, we both went brown as soon as we were in the sun. Mum went a lovely pink colour. When dad was in the war in Italy, the Italians often said he looked like an Italian. Dad was sly and told them his mother was italian. It was then free vino for all the english soldiers in the cantina.


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