Good Morning


I was just settling down to some nice quiet relaxed moments in front of the computer, with my breakfast, and it ws disturbed by motor noise: loud motor noise. I decided there must be some action somewhere, so armed with my telephone camera I took a few steps outside to see what was happening. I then remember it was furniture collection day today. It was probably because I had no furniture, or other oversized objects to collect, I forgot the occasion. This happens twice a year where I live. I remember the days when we would begin to plan what we wanted to be rid of at least a month before and mark the date in our calendar. It was important, a last chance to make room and rid yourself of unwanted ballast. We seemed to be continuously collecting items of furniture we really did not need. The last time we moved we had to order a container that we could pile our unwanted lives into, which was afterwards collected by a company.

These days are now gone, thank goodness. It took more than 40 years before Mr. and Mrs. Anglo-swiss discovered that the best method of living an uncomplicated, ballast-free life was to live as if you were moving house at least once a month, if not once a week. Today everything is disposed of almost at once. “Do we need it?” and the answer being no, it disappears into the garbage happy hunting grounds. Any larger objects are assembled in our cellar for the next big collection. Cardboard and paper are collected every month and garden refuse also. Yes, we are now rubbish and ballast free. Our feline has survived, but she always disappears when the rubbish collection is being prepared, probably worried that she might wrongly be included in the bin. I know someone that has a very good systsem. A few days before it happens, she makes a tour of her home with her husband and they make an examination of candidates that could be disposed of. This time we had nothing, we have disposed of everything we no longer need. We no longer want to carry unwanted ballast through our lives. You can only sit on one chair at the dining table and do not need two, although we do have a few more – sometimes people pay visits and we cannot put them on the floor.


Something else came to my attention yesterday. My avocado tree is growing. Since March it has lived in this pot and made many leaves. It does not yet bear fruit, but its stalk is no longer a stalk but becoming a mini tree trunk with aspirations of wood on the stem. I think I am getting somewhere. Yesterday I was browsing in Facebook, for lack of something better to do, and noticed a link about “Why buy avocado when you can grow them youself at home”. Of course I immediately made a connection and there was a photo of an avocado tree, of manageable size, in the living room with about 10 avocados hanging from the branches. Thes gave me courage and I could already see my pot in a corner of the living room and Mr. Swiss and I grabbing an avocado from my own tree as a snack whilst watching TV. The article explained how healthy avocados are, a real energy fruit. They are not quite a fountain of youth, but do just about everything else. They have so many minerals and vitamins, it puts Popeye in the shade with his spinach. Avocados are the new health food, although the last time I served them in a sort of Angloswiss invented salad, they did not do my digestive system any favours.

However, I have decided to continue my experiment and we must find a nice agreable place for my tree inside during the Winter as I do not think it will survive snow and ice storms outside throughout the Winter months.

Today they are letting me out again and a shopping trip is organised to the local supermarket. I am quite excited, going places and seeing things.

Have a nice day/night everyone, make the most of it and hug your computer now and again. They really like it, it makes their day and they know they are loved.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Our de-cluttering is always a work in progress, but at least progress is being made. Congratulations on having nothing to send off with the truck and getting things to the level that you want. 🙂
    I think it is great that your avocado plant is growing! Our tomato plants are still growing, but still do not have tomatoes on them, just lots of leaves. They are very late. There should have been tomatoes on them by July 4th. Oh well. Best wishes to you with your avocados!
    I hope that you enjoyed your shopping trip.
    Have a blessed day. 🙂

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    • We moved house a few times and each time we de-cluttered, but re-cluttered again. Now it is finished. The kids are not longer kids, we do not intend to move again, andhave discovered you collect ballanst through life that you cannot take with you in any case.
      I used to grow tomatoes in the garden and also in large pots. I had a lot and would give other people some of my plants that I grew from seed. You have to remove the stalks growing between the main stalks where the tomato flowers arrive, otherwise the plant is not so strong. Now is our tomato season, beginning August, but I now buy them. They are a lot of work and there are so many things you have to look out for. We get rain showers now and again, and rain on the leaves is not very good for a tomato plant.

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      • Ours have had a lot of strikes against them, then. Since these plants were ‘born”, we’ve had two floods, and drought (only in Texas can you have both in the same week!), extreme heat, and then rain again. I guess they just don’t stand a chance with all of that going on.
        I would like to move again, but it is unlikely that it will happen. I need to make the best of where we’re at. These kids are adults now, too, but still manage to bring a houseful of stuff for us to sort out. I have told them that they need to go through their years of stuff and put it into keep/toss piles, otherwise its all going out the door. And you’re absolutely right. None of this stuff will leave this world with us.

        Have a blessed week!


  2. I wish you the best of luck with your tree project. One of the really BEST parts of living in Israel were avocados. In season — and it was a long season — you could buy them for the equivalent of about 20 cents a kilo. Of course out of season, you couldn’t buy them at all, so while they were available, you ate a LOT of avocados. They’ve gotten a bit less expensive here, now that they grow them in Florida, but the ones we got in Israel were ripe from the tree. They were really great.

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    • Israel is an avocado country. Switzerland definitely not, and so it belongs to the exotics. I will have to grow it inside in Winter and can only hope that it gets through. I have another plant in the garden, so I will cover it with special fabric and see what happens. It is all in the name of scientific experiments and luck.


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