Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Feathers

spotted woodpecker 10

I do not know where he came from, but a lesser spotted woodpecker once visited our garden and the sparrow looked on.

Rooster in Feldbrunnen

Chicken Feathers from the local chicken farm

Blue fronted Amazon parrot

A blue fronted Amazon parrot who used to live at my vets, but is now in retirement in a senior home, and is probably a lot older than most of the seniors.

Waltham Abbey 15.07 (17)

Mum and dad swan and the kids at Waltham Abbey in England. The kids seem to be growing fast.

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Feathers

8 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Feathers

  1. I love the swans and their little ones. And sometimes, NOT so little ones. I used to think how amazing that our swans look exactly like England’s mute swans until I discovered that our mute swans ARE your swans. English settlers brought them here from England. They liked the place and have colonized the colonies.

    Also, have you noticed that ducks hang around with all the other birds and get along with everything and everyone? Ducks must be the most easy-going birds in the world. I’ve seen them hanging out in flocks with Canada geese — which are NOT usually friendly to other birds — and swans, who can be very territorial. And often, you see flocks of ducks and there are all kinds of ducks in the mix. Truly, the world’s best feathered friends.

    And it takes them maybe 10 seconds to become tame enough to take food from a human hand.

    We should all be like ducks.

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    • I once saw a pair of black swans on the island of Mallorca. Seems to be tradition to have them in the palace there. They were really something different. I grew up with swans. The local park in London had swans and they were on all the rivers and canals in London.
      We have a real mixture on our local River Aar, but they all get on well together. You have to be careful with swans when they have their cynets with them. They can get very annoying and dangerous. The swans on the photo were near where my friend’s partner lives. They saw them as tiny little cygnets and she took me to show how they had grown. They had their brown feathers in the photo and will probably be next years swans.
      I wanted to go to the river today to take a few photos, but unfortunately only managed a few steps and had to turn back, but on a good day I will go there again with my camera.


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