Good Morning

What do you do when you leave your bed in the morning (except for the visit to a certain place). I go to the window, open the blinds, notice the world is still there (you can never be too sure today) and make a note of the weather. The Swiss do not really note the weather, they register it, they make a record of it.


BarometerThere are certain things you cannot just leave to chance. Whilst some people, like me, open the window door in the kitchen and venture a few steps into the garden to savour the flavours and temperature of the morning, others have instruments where it can all be seen.

They used to be called barometers, something round behind glass with a dial. You gave them a professional tap and the hands would move to the the right place and show if the weather would get better, or worse, according to the readings on the dial. I never really did understand them, and preferred my own body sensors and looking up at the sky.

However, in this digital age, things have changed. We have two digital signs of the weather inside, there is also another one hanging on the window somewhere but is no longer working as it should. One is in the living room (top picture) and the other in a room on the other side of the appartment (you might have two different weather systems at the front and back of the apparment – better to be sure). As said, I prefer my body sensors, but if you want to do the right thing, you read your digital signs, especially if you are Swiss. At my home in the East End of London in England the only thing we had with a dial was a clock and it rained most of the time in any case.

Glancing at this piece of modern equipment today, I needed some time to see what it was all about. Of course we have the time and if you are lucky there is a nice little picture of a big sun, or a picture of a sun hovering over some clouds. There we have the first discrepancy. These two devices show different pictures. Two temperatures are recorded which makes it even more confusing, but it is easy really. One is for the outside and one for the inside temperature. By experience I assume that the cooler of the temperatures is outside, although perhaps not. It could be one of those days which we might call “heat wave” and the higher temperature would be outside – the confusion is already arriving.

The apparatus in the top picture even shows what will be happening in the next few days, although this is only a prophecy and anything could happen really. I am still not sure what the picture of the little house on the right is. Perhaps it is my home which has a sort of dark shadow on the left (there will be a storm at the front) and smoke billowing from the chimney towards right (it will be windy). However there are people, names will not be mentioned, that live by these signs. You must always know what the weather is doing. To me it looks like a nice day, not to hot, the sun is shining, birds are singing and we have a blue sky so who needs a machine, but some do, they cannot be without them.

This is reality.


And so it looks like a nice morning to go shopping, after cleaning the home of the remains of the week-end. I enjoy it when they let me out now and again. I see things like supermarkets, meet people like sales ladies in the supermarket, and can even spend money on food in the supermarket which I am allowed to cook when I return to my home. Otherwise, nothing on the programme today. I am free, can do what I want, clean what I want and cook what I want. The joys of being a golden oldie, I now have a choice.

Enjoy life wherever you are and if you feel uncertainties about leaving your home, just check the digital barometers first of all, if you understand them – otherwise open the window and look outside, that works as well.


14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What do I do in the morning after visiting a certain place? I feed the cats. Then I sit down and look if somebody of my online-community has survived the night. So far all have – toi, toi, toi.

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    • Sounds similar to my morning, although the cat feeds itself, but waits for a top-up of fresh pellets, because they probably have more an interesting taste straight from the plastic bag.

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      • My two become some fresh food morning-evening. Only a bag among the two of them each time and they do not even finish that. But since cats take a lot of the liquid they need, from wet-food, I offer them some two times a day. They love it and wait for it eagerly! But I also provide normal water (in a bowl which the tom uses profusely, the little one not so much, she got a new cat fountain).

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        • Tabby does not even like wet food so much, he had the dry food from the beginning. Now and again he gets some tuna, but only about once a week. He always has plenty of water, a bowl inside and one outside and seems to be ok for her 14 years (have just discovered it is 72 years in human). Her teeth are also in a good state, just once a year the vet has a check and might find some “zahnstein” but not very much.

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          • Tom has a heart disease and is 3 years younger than your Tabby. He loves to play with treats being hidden in boxes and empty bog rolls. Seems quite fit, too, despite his unwillingness to swallow the medicine.


  2. We have a sunny day. It’s gonna be hot. Our problem is that we can have a difference of 20 degrees in the same day. Today it was 13 Celsius when I wake up and it will be 33 at noon according to the forecast.

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  3. This made me think of the weather rock. Some refer to it as the fisherman’s weather station, or the old Indian (Native American, if you’re more P.C.) weather rock. It’s a rock, suspended outside from a tripod or other structure, with a sign explaining how the rock works, which can vary slightly from version to version, but typically look something like this:

    Rock is wet = Raining
    Rock is dry = Not raining
    Rock is white = Snowing
    Can’t see rock = Foggy
    Rock casts shadow = Sunny
    Rock is hot = It’s hot
    Rock is cold = It’s cold
    Rock is swinging = Windy
    Rock is moving up and down = Earthquake
    Rock is gone = Rock was stolen

    The rock is never wrong.

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  4. I really love that little … what is it? Clock? Weather-caster? Very interesting. Gives you a ton of information all at once.

    Morning routines are very important. The dogs wait for me because they have to have their biscuits before anything, though I do first press the button on the coffee machine to get it started. I need to toast my muffin, decide with jam or jelly to use. Important stuff. Boot the computer. Check email. Read comment, write something. Take a picture or three. After that … well. It all depends. But it’s a beautiful day today. I hope we get outside for a while, at least. Too nice to miss this one. Have a good one, too.

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    • It seems that the routine of the active golden oldies are very similar. We are the new generation of power women, hooked to the internet, living the action of the day and ready to go in the morning.
      It’s a sort of weather machine, full of information I know, but I prefer to look out of the window and see how it looks. I could not really care what the weather is doing. I like surprises.
      No coffee machine here. Mr. Swiss makes instant and I drink tea, but it all amounts to the same. We like our routine and would probably be lost without them.


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