Flower of the Day: 20.08.2016 Canna

Canna 19.08 (3)

And my second pot of Canna has decided to form a flower. I always had canna. I had the large flowering variety, one in red and one in red-yellow mixture, but they left for the happy canna hunting grounds a few years ago. I deicided to replace them with something completely different and got a small flowering variety. They are not very free flowering, but I usually have a couple of flower heads annually. This year it took a long while. One pot finished flowering a week ago, only one flower head. I do not know if it will produce a second flower stalk. Now the other pot has a flower stalk, so I captured this on the camera. I was particularly happy as I could apply my new macro lens. It took a couple of photos, that eventually I reached the result I wanted. Today it rained and so I do not know how long this flower will last, but that is not important. Important is that it produced a flower.

Flower of the Day: 20.08.2016 Canna

6 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 20.08.2016 Canna

    • I like them because they do not give a lot to do. I put the pots in a cold dry place in the cellar throughout the colder season and put them in the garden again in Spring and they grow again. Just top them up with some fresh earth mixed with fertiliser.


  1. Very pretty! You are having a lot of rain! Is this typical for Switzerland? I cannot believe that we are having rain this week in Texas! Almost unheard of to have this kind of weather in August! I am so excited…75 degrees today! This is a big deal since it normally would be over 100 degrees! By the last week or so of August, I am usually trying to talk my husband into moving to Colorado of maybe Vancouver!!

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    • Today is a very rainy day, all day. Otherwise we have had a good share of rain this summer. Now and again, enough to keep the gardens healthy and that is what matters. We usually have about a week or two in summer with unbearable temperatures, but this year everything stayed in a sensible scope

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    • I find the beginning of the flowering canna has the most to offer. The flower seem to grow out of hand afterwards and they never all flower at the same time.


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