Flower of the Day: 19.08.2016 Physalis


Our local supermarket always have these flowers in their assortment in late Summer. They are known as physalis it seems, and it is the seed pods that make them very attractive. I have never actually bought them, am not sure how they would survive the Winter, but I think they probably would. On the other hand they might be food for slugs, and I avoid slug food in my garden.

Flower of the Day: 19.08.2016 Physalis

14 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 19.08.2016 Physalis

  1. Love the orange pods. They show up in California around Halloween – Thanksgiving, as they resemble miniature pumpkins. Great photo, Pat. Good to see you doing so well with your new equipment – you caught lots of detail and rich color.

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    • Sorry to disappoint but photos I take in the local store are with my telephone or canon camera. The macro apparatus is too big to take anywhere without a bag to carry it in, but thanks for the comment. Even mobile cameras are improving.


  2. They are known as either Japanese or Chinese Lanterns here. They make excellent dried flowers. Your cut them open and hangthem from posts or ceiling. Very popular. Ut I don’t know how slugs like them. A favorite to grrow in Western Washington State and that is slug territory.

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  3. Not sure if these are exactly the same, but saw your post earlier today and found these cuttings in front of someone’s home on my walk this evening. They are dried and would make a great arrangement!

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