Daily Prompt: The Eyes are eveywhere

Garden cat

These eyes glow when it is dark. I saw them the first time about a year ago in the gardening department of  our local supermarket. I suggested to Mr. Swiss that would be something for the front garden in the evening. He found it might not be a good idea as our neighbours might not approve. This all happened a year ago, and today I could not care less if my neighbours approved or not. I treated myself to these eyes for the garden this year and have never regretted it since. Their luminous gift somehow comes from sunlight during the day. They need no electricity and are quite a good effect at night. Halloween is coming at the end of September and I have decided that a nice white coffin model with accompanyting skeleton that glows in the dark would also be a good idea to accompany these eyes on the garden table.  I now have to find one. I wonder if the neighbours would approve?

Garden birdI also found these eyes in the garden. They belong to Fred, my garden bird that protects the garden from intruders. Together with the cat with the glowing eyes, they do quite a good job together. I also found Fred in the supermarket sitting on a shelf with a few other Freds. I had to think about the purchase of this model, as Fred was quite expesive, just for a construction of metal. When I left the supermarket Mr. Swiss was waiting outside and yes, he was holding a plastic bag with Fred’s beak and eyes poking out the top of the bag. I had my Fred. I have to weight his feet down with a large stone, as he tends to lose his balance if it gets windy.

garden birdAnd then we have Frederica. She was there first of all, a prototype of the models to come. Mr. Swiss finds we now have enough models in the garden. He says other people have garden gnomes looking neat and tidy in their corners standing amongst the daisies and roses looking smart and making the garden a pleasure to the eye, but no, Mrs. Angoswiss has to have a garden chamber of horrors. Even the birds think twice before paying a visit. I told him beauty is in the eye of the beholder and he found that I seem to behold things from a strange angle now and again.

So OK, I could not resist this one, a selfie of me. Unfortuately the nose is a little out of poportion, but nobody is perfect. The secret is now exposed, yes, I have blue eyes. It is not easy to do a selfie of your eyes as you cannot see what you are doing with the telephone camera.

Fly 18 (3)I have been taking a few photos of flies lately, with my new macro lens. It seems since I got this lens all the other insects seem to be avoiding my camera for some unknown reason. This photo is not the perfect macro, but I did manage to ge his eyes. It seems a fly has compound eyes and each eye is made up between 3,000 and 6,000 simple eyes, meaning that is a lot of eyes. He does not just see me, but 3-6000 me’s, although it seems no problem, because these compound eyes all work together to give one nice picture. 

Enough eyes for today. I somehow have the feeling that this week’s prompts are resembling some sort of horror story. First we get a ghost, then the moon is shining and today it is the eyes that are following us everywhere. Tomorrow it will be “Graveyard” most probably, where all the prompts will meet. Eyes watching us from the graves as we see ghosts  illuminated by a full moon. The graves open and out come the skeletons all wearing WordPress t-shirts.

Daily Prompt: The eyes are everywhere

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Eyes are eveywhere

    • A howling coyote cookie jar! I must have one. Can you get them from amazon and would the neighbours hear it every time I remove a cookie from the jar? Yes, we are two of a kind. I bought a door bell when I was in New York many years ago. It was around Halloween time and they have a store that only sells halloween stuff. I still have the bell, must search for it. All it needs is a battery and when you press it it makes a ghostly sound. I never really used it bcause Mr. Swiss found it might frighten the neighbours.


  1. hahaha! Love this line of word prompts. A little early for Halloween, but all the spooky stuff is my favorite subjects! That last bit, about it all ending up in the graveyard is wonderful! 🙂 p.s. I’ve never seen a fly so up close and personal, before! He’s kinda spooky looking, too! Good job with the photo!

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    • Yea, those close-ups reveal a lot in the photo. I wanted to decorate the garden with a graveyard theme last year, but Switzerland does not go in for halloween so much so I didn’t find the props. They tried it once, but no-one was interested.

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  2. I’d like to have all the Halloween decorations, I like the holiday so much. We did a lot when the girls were little, but now, there’s really no reason to. We barely have any kids come by for candy on the night, any more. … Keep posting your macro photos! They are so interesting! 🙂

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    • Halloween is definitely a no in Switzeland. 1st November is All Souls Day and the cemeteries are full of people visiting the departed, but that is all, more religious as anything else, and reserved for the catholics. We get a day off because we live in a catholic Kanton.

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  3. I love the thought of All Souls Day! Here, with the large Mexican population, we have Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, for all souls day. There are all kinds of activities, art, and food. These are to honor those souls who have passed on. A wonderful tradition, I think.

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    • I have seen that on TV films and always found it very fascinating and a healthy approach to the whole thing. It is going to happen in any case, so make the most of it. I think it is great. Shame we don’t have anything like that here.

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