Macro Moments Challenge: Week 9

Macro challenge paper clips 18.08. (2)

I chose a selection of some coloured paper clips I found. This is so macro that I notice the plastic coating is no longer as good as it was.

Camera D7000 Nikon with lens AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED which I only got this week and am still on a learning curve. Nothing is safe from my camera at the moment, not even my Cat. Don’t ask me about the settings I applied. I just adapt the contrasts and F factor on the camera until It suits me, but there is a lot of room for improvement I am sure.

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 9

11 thoughts on “Macro Moments Challenge: Week 9

    • Thanks for the hands up. Although I am never satisfied, I just wish I had not applied so much depth or whatever it is. I always find something on my photos that I wish I had done better. 🙂


      • A smaller f number will give you less depth of field (more bokeh), but you can’t go too small or nothing will be in focus. For macro, start at f 5.6 to f 14.The smaller you go the slower your shutter speed or greater your ISO need to be in order to let in enough light.

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        • Thanks for that tip, then I was probably on the right path. I had an f of 10 or 11 I believe, which I mostly have for my macro photos. That is one of the things I have to learn.


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