Daily Prompt: Too much to carry


Today my new macro lens arrived. I ordered it on Friday, and with usual Swiss efficiency and it arrived today, with a cleaning brush that I also ordered.

“Look what arrived in the post” Mr. Swiss said as I was just beginning to clean the bathroom. I know a man would probably drop everything and concentrate on his new toy. I was not in the mood for playing with new toys. I had a bathroom to clean and afterwards a meal to cook. I did not really have time to spend on my new lens. To be quite honest it was so long since I actually changed the lens on my Nikon I had to think about how to do it.

Eventually the bathroom was cleaned, the rösti was being cooked and I had 15 minutes so I decided to at least unpack this new expensive lens. It had its own nice soft velvety pocket to put it in when not being used. Having everything under control I removed my other lens from the camera and attached the new macro lens. It fitted. Of course it fitted, when you pay so much money for a Nikon lens for a Nikon camera it has to fit. So what do you do with a new lens on the camera. Mr. Swiss just arrived from his shopping expedition, combined with cup of coffee in the outside restaurant and now I did not just have a new lens to cope with  but an inquisitive Mr. Swiss. I was ready to shoot, but what shall I shoot? I decided on something that I could not capture with my every day normal lens (which was also an expensive one). My flowers on my sedum were now opening one by one, but they were so small, on my normal lens they remained small, although good quality.

I aimed with the new lens and shot a photo, which was far too bright. A small adjustment on the contrast and I was there. I could see the little individual flower on my sedum, I could zoom in and press the button and it worked. Of course, this was just my first practice shot, not yet worthy of a photography exhibition, but I can do it.

When I saw the theme of today’s prompt, I realised that carrying my Nikon D7000 with its various lens almost needs a mega sized Rücksack, which I actually have for my camera and all its accessories. I bought it once in a fit of getting something to last. However, going out for a walk with a camera to take a few photos can be complicated when heaving a rücksack on your back. I also decided that a camera bag, or 2 or three would also be useful. Gradually my camera collection with all the accessories was becoming complicated – see photo.

I found my first digi camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC LX2 that I inherited from Mr. Swiss many years ago, which gave me a start in my photographic life. I also found my Lumix FZ38, a so-called bridge camera, which I never really used as much as I should have. I have now decided to reanimate it and see what it can do. Of course, there is also my Canon Powershot G15 which I always have in my bag to accompany me where ever I go. The daddy of them all is my Nikon D7000 which had two extra lens and now three as the macro has arrived. I am now thinking about a long distance lens for taking photos of perhaps neighbours living in the next village or at a local football match. If I paid a visit to the local mountain, Weissenstein, there are untold possiilities of what could be done with such a lens. Perhaps the local newspaper are looking for a new photographer.

Of course I also have various bags for each of my cameras, as well as the Rücksack. My problem is carrying it all. On my trips to London I only took my Canon. I rarely take my Nikon out for a walk, because it is a little to heavy and big to transport, hanging around my neck. I think I will have to find a volunteer to carry my equipment when I go on a shooting safari.

Perhaps I am overdoing it slightly with the cameras.

Daily Prompt: Too much to carry

23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Too much to carry

    • That is a big disadvantage with photography. You want to take the perfect picture with the perfect equipment, but you have to be a weightlifter for the success. They should make it an Olympic game.

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    • Neither can I, or Mr. Swiss. It is not so different to the other lens, but yes it is different. Oh, I don’t know, but I can now take photos of the small flowers. Am waiting for the first ant to cross my path.


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  2. Oh, I don’t think it is overdoing it; I think it is variety. You sound like you are going to have so much fun with this new lens. I am excited for you and looking forward to your new photos. You are a quick learner so National Geographic should be contacting you in the very near future…

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    • You mean my garden will become famous – wild life with Angloswiss. I must tell Tabby to have a good wash before showing herself so that she looks her best. I now need some time for me and the camera to work it all out. At the moment I am just doing a sort of point and shoot, but with the manual controls.

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    • Since I fitted the lens on the camera, I have not seen a single bug. Even the bees have disappeared, although we are now approaching the wasp season. I could try and tempt them with a some ham or a slice of bread and jam.

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  3. You sound like every photographer I know — including me. We all have too many lenses, too many bags, and usually, too many cameras. Which doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to want another bag, another lens, another camera. It’s just one of those things.

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    • You can never have too many I think. Problem is really that I cannot take with me what I want to, because of the carrying problem. I even now have to be careful when taking a simple shot that I do not lose my balance and have to obey the law of gravity.


    • I always did point and shoot, although had an SLR camera. I so wanted a macro lens, but they are really more suited to do-it-yourself, so I took the plunge and began to train myself to do everything manual. I still have not understood everything, but Rome was also not built in a day. I now have a problem as I have to walk aided, at the moment with a cane. So where do I put the cane when taking photos. I usually managed somehow, just have to make sure I have my balance before shooting.


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