Macro Moments Challenge: Week 8

Echinacea with bee 10.08.2016

I do not yet have a macro lens for my Nikon D7000 but have now ordered one which I hope I will manage. I have been practicing with my normal AF S Nikkor 18-200mm lens but it is not a macro: OK I am not an expert, but am having fun with the ISO stuff and the “F” thing, which is something like depth of focus, where you can make the background disappear and feature what you want. Sorry, but I learned my stuff in German and only know the technical terms in German. Although my mother tongue is english, I have been living in  German speaking Switzerland for 50 years and you tend to lose touch, especially with technical stuff. Anyhow I did manage to get the bee on the flower, at least. This is a real journey into the unknown at the moment for me – at the age of 70 🙂

Macro Moments Challenge: Week 8

17 thoughts on “Macro Moments Challenge: Week 8

    • I have really been wanting to get this lens and it was only me not doing it, there was absolutely nothing to stop me and now I took the plunge and ordered it today. Cannot wait. I took a few moon shots today and they were not bad for an amateur golden oldie like me.


      • Oh, and I will turn 73 next week and also started all of this just a few years ago. Keeps our brains challenged! You don’t live near Basel, do you! I will be there for just a couple of days in three weeks. Have never met up with someone from the blogging community, but I think we would like each other!

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        • That would be an intersting meeting. I live about an hour and 15 minutes from Basel by train, so it would definitely be possible. Let’s see how it develops. At the moment I have various health issues, but hope they will be dealt with by then – things are already looking better. Just to mention, Monday to Wedneday would be OK with me. Thursday I have physio therapy, Friday and the week-end would not be so good – as long as I do not have to bring my DSLR camera, it would be a little too big and heavy 🙂


          • I am sorry that you are not so well and wouldn’t want you to over-do! We arrive on Sunday, Sept. 4 and embark on a river cruise at 4:00 pm on Monday. Lunch Monday would be possible. Yes, let’s see how things develop. I love my micro 4/3 camera because it and the lenses are small and light.

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  1. I used to know all of this stuff because all my early cameras were pre-digital. I’ve actually forgotten a lot because I don’t use it. The older I get, the gladder I am for automation. I can’t depend on my eyes, and my cameras are much smarter than me.

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    • I only really got interested in photography with my first, Mr. Swiss inherited, digital camera. It has become one of my golden oldie hobbies. Since I discovered that I can also do it with the manual settings, my appetite has increased to learn more. If only I could get out and about more.


  2. I envy you and your camera skills and wisdom. I believe you told me about the selfy stick, a big help to me as far as holding on to the camera. I believe I’m going to be stuck in that era with the little black box Kodak camera for the rest of my days. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks. We are very blessed to have all of this digital technology that is for sure. For you professionals with all the different lenses and talents I can only say, more power to you and your camera wisdom.

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    • I am not a professional, it is a hobby. I got my DSLR a few years ago as Mr. Swiss found it would really be something for me. He was the camera person and gave me his digital camera when he bought a new one and from there I was infected, shooting photos all over the place. I also have a “normal” digi camera, a canon, always in my purse as well as my telephone camera. I once did a course in the local night school and otherwise my knowledge is gathered from Internet and learning by doing. Joining in the challenges here also gives me more interest.


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