Good Morning


I am not a curtain person. I like a nice clear view of the outside world without some sort of flimsy net between me and real life and if you go the whole hog you also have some sort of thick material to accompany the net curtain, which you can pull together in the evening to stop people looking in. I only have one neighbour opposite that could look in, although she would have a problem, as she also has blinds, the same as mine. Also we have better things to do than look into windows. I remember mum and dad had a sort of complex about coming home in the evening and drawing the curtains before you put the light on because someone might see inside. I do not like curtains so much because you should wash them from time to time, meaning taking them down and hanging them up again – unnecessary work. Although we do have the minimum of curtain in the bedrooms. Mr. Swiss finds he can sleep better.

Anyhow I am drifting. We have metal blinds which you can close or open, according to your wish. We tend to close them more during the day in Summer to keep the hot sun away. Otherwise they are usually open and in the kitchen they are permanently rolled up as I like light and air in the kitchen, my  main workplace. We live in a community and if something is renewed in our appartments, we have a meeting and talk about it. Sometimes the talk can get quite exciting, but eventually a decision is made according to the majority. We do not always belong to the majoritiy, but you have to go with the wind. It was decided at one of the last meetings that the walls of our blocks are to be renewed, re-inforced, and painted. There was a discussion about the colour. I believe someone wanted red, but we are staying with a nice neutral off white, probably so as not to confuse the birds and bats.

Then the discussion reverted to the blinds. According to this new and wonderful revision we will have to have new blinds. These will not be cheap and the Angloswiss family found it not absolutely necessary. However, the majority found it a good idea and so our blinds will be replaced next year in the middle of summer, meaning that we may have to suffer a couple of weeks without blinds. I can live with this, others whose name will not be mentioned, cannot.

I clean my blinds once a year to remove the dust, dirt and mainly pollen traces from the trees, but decided this year I will leave it. However, my blinds annoyed me when sitting outside. They were not nice and shiny but more depressing and dull and so I decided they must be washed. I no longer wanted this dismal background to my porch sitting sessions. I decided yesterday was to be the day. Mr. Swiss was not happy with my decision, perhaps because it was a Sunday? I was in the mood, did not have anything better to do and the whole operation was over in an hour. I still have one blind to go on the big window, but have planned its cleansing session for this evening, should not take more than half an hour. So if you are bored on Sunday, then just clean a blind. We are lucky to live on the ground floor as there is no tedious wiping with a cloth on each of the slats. Just turn on the hose in the garden, make sure the windows are closed (otherwise you might have a flood inside) and wash them down.

This was only the one side of the appartment. See my clean blinds in the photo. The three blinds on the other side will be cleansed next week I have decided and for the last time. There are some tedious jobs that have to be done unfortunately.

My No. 1 son has returned to his workplace today after a 4 week summer break. I heard him leave as I was still enjoying the warmth and comfort of my bed. It always gives me a good feeling to know that I no longer belong to the official work force. I am now in the golden oldie voluntary department.  My sonis no problem at home, but it is now just Mr. Swiss and me for cooking food and the cat of course, but she has a help yourself dish of pellets which is always full.

They are letting me out again today for a shopping trip, how exciting. And now to do something completely different. I have spent enough time on this computer this morning, there is work to be done. Mr. Swiss is already dealing with it, I have a guilty feeling just sitting at a computer and eating breakfast. I can hear the sounds of a vacuum cleaner in the background. Have a nice Monday everyone, or sleep well. It can only get better.


10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning, I will join the workforce again in about an hour, but I have done some more washing up already (from that cooking session on Saturday, there is not enough space on my rack for all of it to dry) – some cooking devices are still waiting for the cleaning process, but one after the other.

    I will have to make a phone call to a clinic today to make an appointment for a minor, ambulant surgery. And I will have to work.

    My shopping lists are growing, my floors scream for attention … and strange enough, the washing machine just won’t turn on itself and hang the washing afterwards … lazy thing 😉

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    • I never really left the work force, but no do it all on a voluntary basis. We did have a small disagreement today, as a layer of pasta was stuck to the bottom of the saucepan, apparently due to my negligence. However, accidents happen. Afterwards the handle of the saucepan fell off, as it by magic, but this was more a symptom of old age.
      I hope your treatment goes well and is soon completed, Waiting times in Switzerland are not so bad. In England you are now organised to the seriosity of your operation. Some things you can wait for, like a gall baldder removal, and others might be done immediately according to what the doctor might think.
      My washing machine can turn itself on if I programme it, but refuses to hand the washing afterwards – must be a general washing machine problem.

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  2. Good Morning, So this is different. We live in community apartment too , where meeting decides about external walls /lift /gazebo blah blah, but never blinds/curtains inside my apartment. That is my choice. Isn’t it true in your community?

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    • What we do in our four walls is our busiess. Our blinds are fitted into the external walls, They are of solid material, metal, and have a mechanism for raising. Some of our neighbours, I think only one or two, even have electric powered blinds. We can also have them now fitted with the new blinds, but find it an unnecessary luxury. You can even have a blind that would automatically close and open according to if the sun is shining on the window or not. External stuff for all, complete with installation, has to be agreed upon, but if I want pink material blinds inside, it is my business.


      • Aha , Now I get it. It is something like the window grills some put in apartments here. We need approval for putting those to be of same color , make etc.


    • Not so soon, it will be next year in June. We do not find it absolutely necessary, but have to go with the majority. It means we will be without blinds for a few weeks.


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