Flower of the Day: 07.08.2016 Hollyhock

Hollyhock 07.08 (6)

Strange things are happening in my garden. I took a photographic walk today, not expecting anything new and suddenly this hollyhock caught my attention amongst all the other yellow hollyhocks. Even the other flowers on this plant were yellow, just one or two arrived in two colours. I have never seen that happen before. Sometimes nature has a strange way of showing herself. I was really completely surprised by this colour and of course had to fix it with my camera.

Flower of the Day: 07.08.2016 Hollyhock

13 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 07.08.2016 Hollyhock

  1. Your glorious photo, perhaps the best I’ve ever seen of a hollyhock, brought tears to my eyes and a sudden flash of sitting in my back yard in the grass next to the back porch where the hollyhocks grew with a pile of toothpicks and a pile of hollyhock heads from bud to fully unfurled, learning how to make hollyhock dolls. I can’t remember whether my mom taught my sisters and they taught me or whether she taught me as well, but nonetheless, a rite passed down through the generations.

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    • I always seem to associate hollyhocks with the amish. It is not really a plant that has great popularity in Switzerland, or England for that matter, although more in the country villages. I just let my hollyhocks grow, and if I see a new plant from a seed I usually replant it somewhere in my garden.


  2. Hollyhocks should be the San Luis Valley honorary flower. If I remember to take my phone when I walk my dogs, I’ll share a photo or two later. They are everywhere. One of the towns in the valley has an annual hollyhock festival. I love them. They remind me of being a kid at my grandma’s house in Montana and playing hide and seek with my cousins, standing beside the shed, hiding my head, hollyhocks beside me and counting to 20 or whatever.

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  3. We have hollyhocks taking over the backyard. Last year they were all that pretty purply-pink color…this year for some reason they go from cream to pale pink. Are they perhaps Psychotic flowers? I can not understand why the colors change from year to year..

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    • Same here. I began with yellow, a few years lager some had pinkish edges and now I have just one that wanted to change its colour completely and decided not to. They must be possessed.

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