Daily Prompt: Stubborn, who me?

Donkeys at Migros Langendorf

I don’t have any photos of stubborn mules, so I have substituted it with a photo of donkeys that for some reason were at our local supermarket a few years ago, some sort of public relations gag. They were not being stubborn, just doing what they wanted to, being donkeys.

Me stubborn, no never, but just like to do what I want to do with no discussion. Probably one of the secrets of the success of my marriage. Mr. Swiss leaves me to do my own thing and I let him do his, unless I think differently. I suppose there is a certain amount of being stubborn in writing this daily prompt. I am hard bent on getting my Pulitzer Blogger of the year award, problem being I am contantly overlooked. I have been doing this daily prompt thing for many years. Now and again I decide, no not today. Let’s have a break and do something completely different.

That is where my problem begins, as I do not have anything better to do. It is afternoon, my golden oldie sleep has been slept and now I am awake and ready to go, although I do not know where to go, and my body no longer wants to go anywhere that needs physical energy. There was a time when the WordPress ideas for a daily prompt went on a leave of abscence. They still arrived daily, but were repeats, I had done them all before, but little stubborn me (actually I am quite tall,  1m 75 cm) decided to continue doing them, the second time around. My stubborness paid off, or they were fed up reading the same old stuff, and we got new prompts. Now they only have one word, but I am still writing daily, just being stubborn I suppose.


And now for something completely different. There is action in my buddleia, there are butterflies everywhere and bees. Taking a photo of a buterfly is not very easy. The are fluttering all over the place and when they take a rest they can be very stubborn and usually with their wings folded together, so no astonishing prize winning photos. On the other hand the bees cannot wait to be the star of the daily blog.

“About time too, here we are buzzing around, all spruced up and waiting for a portrait. No just, a moment – Mabel the lady is pointing her  telephone camera in our direction so move a bit closer, then she can do a group photo.”

“Thanks guys, nice striped pullovers you have on today.”

“It’s our special summer dress. Is that a macro lens you have there?”

“No just a long distance lens to get tiny objects close up.”

“Oh, I see, Shame, but I suppose you cannot have everything. The guy over the road has a macro lens, but Mabel is not very keen. She says you don’t have to see all the details on a lady, it can get embarrassing, especially when she is a busy bee. And now we have to go, there is a flower on the other side of the garden that needs a little care and attention. Come on Mabel, time to fly.”

And they both disappeared. And now to move on to my next blog – all a part of my stubborn daily routine.

Daily Prompt: Stubbord, who me?

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Stubborn, who me?

  1. I, too, could only find photos of donkeys in my search for an illustration, so for once I had to resort to Google. Used to love Francis. Did you ever see those movies? Perhaps helped to form my nature..talkative and stubborn!!!

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    • There were only donkeys available at the time. Of course we are always right, although sometimes discussions arise at home disputing the fact, but that makes life so interesting. It would be boring when we agreed all the time.


    • It depends on the circumstances. I do tend to speak my mind and I do not always accept explanations, especially from official authorities if I realise they cannot see the forest because the trees are in the way.

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    • One of the advantages of always having a camera in my bag when I took a photo of the donkeys. I have to keep cutting the dead flowers away from the buddleia, otherwise it gets a little top heavy.

      Liked by 1 person

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