Photo Challenge: Morning

breakfasr & computer time

On the 20th March 2016 the morning looked no different to another morning, except the outside view reflected the beginning of Spring. It must have been a dismal morning, as the light was switched on in the kitchen. So what do we see? Yes, it is a frugal breakfast. Just a slice of bread and jam and a cup of tea, without sugar or milk, stirred to make sure the flavour of the tea bag explodes in the cup. If you look carefully you can even see the tablet that I was then taking on the table next to the bread. The computer is waiting for the first work of the day and I had just warmed it up. I also have an Apple computer, but that is generally reserved for the afternoon and quick starts in between, if necessary.

Morning is not a special event at my home. Just warming up for the daily chores and checking what happened during the night  in my online world.

Photo Challenge: Morning

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