Daily Prompt: Do not praise too quickly, you never know what lies behind it.

Sky over Feldbrunnen 01.08 (4)

That is a praiseworthy sky, although someone up there seems to be having an agument: the orange against the black.

“Let’s have a good storm, one of those that hit the headlines on the earth. Something to talk about for the next few thousand years.”

“No, won’t work. It has all been done before. Remember, Noah was the guy. All that looked out of it was a movie and  they even got that all wrong.”

“If they had used real animals it would have worked, but it was all done by visual effects.”

“You mean it wasn’t real. Now that’s a disappointment and I so enjoyed watching that one. So what we going to do with those clouds. It took me at least a few hours to get it all together. My paint box has no orange left.”

“Ask her down there.”

“You mean the one painting the flowers.”

“Yeah, she has all sorts of colours, sometimes she mixes her own.*

“Hey, you.”

“Who me.”

“Got any orange left. I have a cloud problem.*

“No, my orange is not for clouds. I need it for fruit and flowers and if you are painting orange clouds, it means no rain. I can give you some grey, even black or some white streaks to make it a real wet occasion.”

“But the colours might wash out of your flowers”

“No way, my flower colours are permanent, they just fade a bit when the flowers think about making seeds. And my flowers appreciate a real dark storm, it makes them grow.”

“Did you hear what she said? Forget the orange, just do it in black and 50 shades of grey.”

“See you have been watching too many movies. We don’t do 50 shades of anything, one shade coupled with the black will do the job.”

“What about the white streaks, just a bit jagged to make it all more spectacular?”

“Ok, where’s the guy with the sound effects?”

“Hey wake up, and put your cocunut shells into action.”

“You mean the four horsement of the apolocalypse are putting their act together again.”

“No, of course not. That was after the famines, wars and conquests, after the dead had to help out in clearing it all away. You are getting mixed up. We now have quiet days, just the normal storm now and again coupled with some deluge.”

“No parting of the sea?”

“No, definitely not.”

“But that was fun, a real work of noise. The sucking sound as it drew back across the sand and afterwards, just when they were in the middle of it all, I let it all return, making a real solid crashing noise.”

“Just do some cracks,  count up to five and then some loud bangs.”

“Can’t I do it all at once.”

“No, it does not work that way. They like to count between the cracks and the bangs. They are convinced it tells them how long it will take until it is over.”

“Want some hailstones as well, just to make it look good?”

“Why not? but not the golf ball sized ones, just the small neat stones that melt in a minute.The boss likes it to be nicely organised, and not big puddles everywhere that make his feet wet, although he can sometimes walk through it. He doesn’t want any problems with them down there.”

“Can I go back to sleep now, just did a few explosions to keep everyone happy.”

“I suppose so, the jobs done now but I wish I could have had more orange for those clouds.”

“Forget it.”

“Oh, hello boss, it would look so friendly and nice.”

“No, definitely not. Orange is only an exception for clouds. The lady down there is in charge of the orange, in the flower department. If I didn’t keep an eye on you lot, no telling what would happen. And my feet are wet, looks like he overdid it again with the hailstones and no, I do not walk through water, only on it, understand?

I suppose I will have to do a rainbow somewhere to keep everyone happy. Where is my rainbow paintbox?”

Daily Prompt: Do not praise too quickly, you never know what lies behind it

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