Daily Prompt: Just musing along



This is one of those prompts where you really do not know where to go when  you begin to write. I decided one of my thoughtful poses would be suitable. This photo was taken in 2012, when I was young and lovely. Well I was younger than today and lovely is a matter of taste. I was probably musing about what to write.

“I think you are confusing musing with meditating.”

“Do not break my line of thought. They both begin with the letter “M”, so what’s the difference.”

“Meditation is when you drift to another dimension, and your brain is empties itself of all diversions. You concentrate on a certain aspect and remain there, viewing it from different angles. You transform your mind from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful, from unhappy to happy.”

“Ah, the great philospher. I am always thinking positive, I am peaceful and am very happy when not disturbed. And musing is the same.”

“No, not really, musing is when you are sunk in a period of reflection or thought.”

“Ok, so I am meditating about musing. I am concentrating on what to write and simulataneously musing. Let’s leave the meditation on one side. If I meditate I have do concentrate too much. So let me muse about what to write. I was musing in bed after lunch thinking about what to do today and I feel asleep. So I stopped musing, and even meditating. When I awoke I looked at my daily prompt subject and decided to clean the shower first of all.”

“Did that help?”

“Well I was glad to do the job, the shower is now clean, but we had all that last week on Wednesday. I even took a photo of the clean shower last Wednesday. And now I am at the computer and musing about what to write, so the shower cleaning did not help.”

Tomatoes“What are those tomatoes doing on the table outside?”


“Just musing, I thought they belonged in the kitchen.”

“I wanted them to get more red.”

“Aah, you was musing about their colour?”

“No, not at all. I thought your were the one doing the musing.”

“I just do not feel like musing this afternoon, it is too hot, the sun is shining. Although they do make a nice colourful photo with the basil plant in the background.

I think I will now finish this blog. I does not seem to be leading anywhere.”

musing“Did you just take a photo of me?”

“Yes, it fitted the theme, you were musing.”

“I was not musing, I was busy concentrating.”

“But it fills up another paragraph. I only had 400 words to read, and now I will definitely have 500 when I am finished.”

There were apparently ladies that were known as muses, but they seemed to appear in the world of literature, science and the arts. Of course I also appear in this world. I read books, and write blogs so perhaps I am a muse of the computer. I will become famous in future generations, I will be the first muse known by the name of Angloswissiope.  I will inspire people to blog and to like and make comments. Science and the arts are not so much my thing, unless photography and cooking counts.

And now to muse further, I have a feline waiting to write all about his musing, and she muses most of the time. She holds a record for musing when sleeping.

Daily Prompt: Just Musing Along

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Just musing along

  1. “Angloswissiope” can be MY muse. None of the others have dropped by lately! That’s a pretty nice picture, there. All my pictures either show me at the computer or with a camera. I’m pretty sure that means something!


    • Funny, my photos are similar, mainly with a computer. Now and again Mr. Swiss takes a photo of me so that he will not forget what I look like. I can always fit you in on my list of people looking for a muse, should be OK, as you are the only one on the list.


  2. Profoundly amusing haha. Totally agreed the prompt was quite uninspiring – look at the irony what kinda “muse” is the word muse? Cooking is in literature also it is both an art and science 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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