Flower of the Day: 02.08.2016 Tansy


Some call it a weed. You often find it growing wild near the railway. It grows in my garden, because I want it to. I found it being sold on our local market by a herb gardener. I like it very much, is plain and simple but adds colour to the garden. It seems it is a deterrent for insects, but I am not an expert. It is quite hardy, spreads and increases in size every year.

Flower of the Day: 02.08.2016 Tansy

17 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 02.08.2016 Tansy

  1. We’re fighting a war with tansy right now because it is toxic to goats and other livestock (that’s why it’s considered a noxious weed). It’s nearly impossible to get rid of. But it is pretty.

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    • I did not realise they could be so toxic, but mine do not grow near any animals. They do not spread so much in my garden, Luckily they do not seem to interest my feline. I only read that they keep flies away and other unwanted insects.


  2. They are. I e. I’m partial to wild flowers. Indeed, they must be nardy to endure the clatter and vibration of the nearby railroads sporting so many square wheels.

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  3. Lovely flower. You say it was being sold by a herb seller, what was it used for? Cooking? Eating? You’ve whetted my appetite and I need to know more!

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    • I wouldn’t eat it as it is highly poisonous, but has some herbal qualities. I would read what Internet says. Tansy I do know that it is very beneficial to the earth where it grows, Just something I find belongs in a garden, but with care.


    • I have planted them in a corner of the garden and yes, I read that they do prevent bugs and insects from invasion. We only know them as being yellow and they have the reputation of being very good for the ground as a fertiliser.

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