Daily Prompt: Apologise, only if you are older

4-up am 01.08.16 um 15.15 (kompiliert)
I could apologise for showing this strange photo of me as I sit outside on the porch preparing to write about apologising, but I will not apologise. Why should I? I have discovered a new toy on my apple computer and am playing with it. Unfortunately it seems only to be able to take selfies. I did try holding something in my hand to hide my face, but it did not work so well. Mr. Swiss had a look and said you can only see the top half of your face. Do you really want to see the complete face? Of course not, this is an artistic work of photography. It could have been me holding a tin of Campbell’s soup, but that has been done before. The next time I might try it with an apple in front of my face. Oh, you mean that has also been done, then what about potato or a cucumber. There are so many possibilities. You just have to be the first.

I was having a problem lately with WordPress as when I was using their app on my apple computer, it would not change from one of my sites to the other, but refused. After finding an alternative method, by not using the app, but the normal process, I discovered it worked. Yesterday I dared to mention this problem on their forum. Ok, it was Sunday, and even WordPress disciples need a day of rest, so I understood that there was no immediate answer or action taken.

Today I tried this app again, and it worked perfectly. The final result can be seen on this blog. Did they apologise? Did they mention in a mail it had now had their immediate attention and was being corrected? No, I found out all by myself that it was working again. Perhaps everyone all over the world was suffering from this problem and there were too many of us to apologise to. On the other hand, why expect an apology? It worked again so what’s the problem. There is just a feeling of foolishness left and you ask why bother.

I automatically say sorry if I happen to push someone wrongly, or trip them up. One of the worst crimes is at the counter in the supermarket. You are convinced that it is your turn. You waited until three people before you were served and now the lady says “Next please”, but it might not be you. Have a look around first. If you see a grey haired sinewey lady, with a determined look on her face hair growing on her teeth, then beware. You might be next, you might even dare to tell the assistant what you want, but that certain sweet little lady will say “I was here first” in a loud determined voice for all to hear. Of course, your face turns a darker more luminous shade of red and you hang your head in shame. You might have been there before her, but you are younger and have proved that you have no respect for the years of experience she has gathered in being served first. On the other hand, I am now approaching 70, but I have a problem. She looks her age and me, well, Mr. Swiss convinces me daily that I am still the same person he married (he is 8 years older than me, perhaps I should send him to buy the goods, he will be served quicker?). Yes we people, forever young at heart, can have problems.

I will now apologise for boring you and stealing your time in reading this piece of informative literature, as I am sure you have other better things to do. I really did not know where I was going with this work, and still do not know if I arrived where I wanted to go. I am now on my knees grovelling for your forgiveness.  Ok, Mr. Swiss, I know, I am overdoing it again.

Daily Prompt: Apologise, only if you are older

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Apologise, only if you are older

  1. Maybe it is generational. I’ll apologize to the dogs if I bump them … or, for that matter, the table leg I accidentally kicked. But I’ve always been an apologizer as long as I can remember. Americans are (used to be, I should say) like Canadians in their enthusiasm for apologizing. As for all customer service department round the world, their motto is “Never ever admit a customer is right.”

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    • You remind me of my son and his 3 years working as a Swiss diplomat when he was posted in Brussels. He quite enjoyed Brussels, but the main vocabulary in the shops seemed to be “Je suis désolé” because they either did not have what he wanted, could not find it, or had probably never heard of it. They never admitted that a customer was right, because it seemed to be non-existent in Brussels. I always tend to mutter sorry constantly. Luckily it is an international word, so the swiss do know what I am talking about, although we would tend to say “excusez” in Switzerland, adopting the french word in our dialect. Of course we also have 4 languages, so there are many possibilities.I thought Canadians just said “Eh” and the problems were solved.


  2. I think you’re right – it’s an age problem, at least to a degree. And part of that age problem is being left behind by a fast moving younger generation. But that’s just a generalization. Being inept at your job or being rude in public have no age limits, just ego limits. Some of say we’re sorry, some don’t.

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  3. This was worth it, for ‘a grey haired sinewey lady, with a determined look on her face hair growing on her teeth,’ alone. I can offer some advice here, never argue with a wolverine. They are very territorial and, if challenged, quite vicious, too.

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    • You meet all sorts in the supermarket, but they always seem to congregate at the butcher’s counter. I could take self service, but prefer to choose the meat I want. Last week I had to wait for a lady who demanded the ham to be cut only 2-3 mm thick. She then wanted the same for the spam – and 13 pieces of each. Who knows what she was cooking – she said something about rolling it together – perhaps a swiss roll meaty style. Men are victims when they get to the front of the queue and realise that there is an elderly lady waiting as well, Yes, it is better to let them get served first otherwise they might and probably will show their claws.

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  4. Glad for this post…you mentioned a problem with WordPress…I’m having one today and the day is coming to an end real fast, but the problem still exist. I have a draft and can review it, but can not publish it..things freeze up. Maybe I will get lucky and it will be corrected…soon.. I hope. I’m sure I will not get an apology either. Just a notice of there being a problem would be helpful. I kept thinking it was my computer, but that is not the case.


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