Daily Prompt: Unstoppable

Echinacea 27.07 (3)

Unstoppable like the bees in my garden at the moment. They canot get eough of whatever it is they absorb from the flowers, something like pollen.

Am I unstoppable? I suppose I am when it comes to a daily prompt. Today I was thinking shall I or shall I not. I have to leave in half an hour, a little more, for an appointment at my physio therapy. It seems that although there is no cure for MS, you can do a lot to help yourself to keep moving and so the therapy. Of course there are drugs you can take, but there is no cure. They just slow the development down and my doc finds currently as things are not really progressing at a speed faster than light, there is no rush. It is also a question of the money. The drugs are extremely expensive, costing my insurance at least 20,000 swiss francs per year. I would not have to pay myself, it would not be a great problem., but why spend the money when not necessary and my other doc even said if I prefer not to take the treatment, then I can.

I would have to inject, something like insulin, every second day and there are a few side effects for the first couple of weeks of treatment, but nothing I could not cope with. So we are saving the medicine for later, when it would really be necessary. At the moment I can cope. Have a few dizzy spells, some pains in the legs, but they all come and go, and with age – don’t we all have our aches and pains? It just so happens mine have a name.

There are a few advantages, so make the most of them. If you are seen approaching with a stick for support, the traffic stops at the road crossing. Above all, I do not get the silly stupid comments from other people, seeing me walking, in a strange way asking “have you had an accident” “what is wrong, you are walking strangely” – yes, everything has its advantage. I am sure they all mean well, but sometimes such comments can hurt and you feel just plain stupid. Monty Python, the great english comedian, once had an episode about The Ministry of Silly Walks.

You should also watch the continuation about people talking part in the Silly Olympics. Have fun 🙂

If you see the funny side of things, then you can bear it better.

And now to get ready for the great excursion, Mr. Swiss is making preparations.

Daily Prompt: Unstoppable

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Unstoppable

  1. A sense of humor is the critical component to getting through trying times. And in an hour, I’m off to my specialist who will look sad and tell me, no, there’s nothing they can do. Just stay active as much as you can and try to keep your weight down. I hate these visits. I already know the answers. I don’t even have any new questions.

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    • I just got back from my therapist and feeling happy. It is not a hard work, but something I can practice whilst working on my computer or just sitting at the dining table. It keeps me moving. There is no cure, but it could be worse. At least I realise with the exercises what to concentrate on.


  2. One of my favourite Python scenes, so thanks for sharing. I had a go at unstoppable, too and decided there is no such thing as unstoppable. I like to do the Writers Quote Wednesday Challenge, which was posted late this week, Thursday, and the prompt was a repeat of a prompt from about five weeks ago. So I haven’t done it. As for the stick, well, People do ask, what’s the story about the stick? but their eyes glaze over as soon as you start explaining. Now I say things like, it’s a fool nudger, I’ve always wanted one.

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    • I sometimes do The Tuesday weekly challenge, but not always. It is according to the subject and sometimes I feel the inspiration and sometimes not. I was doing continuous repeat prompts when they ran out of ideas for a year. I was on the verge of stopping when they brought in the one word theme, which I find quite good. You can go where you want to with it. The thing with the stick, I discovered, is the design. I have a wonderful hifi flower power stick design with jungle features. Actually I would have love one with a skull on the handle, prefearbly in silver, but they only do them as a knob which is not so good. A built in sword would also have been a wish. When I travelled to London, I had all sorts of benefits with the stick, like being handled with care and nice looking guys in airport uniform helping you down the stairs on the aeroplane.

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  3. Hi, long time no read. I’ve just claimed my iPad back from the repairers ( I was beginning to think they had lost it) in time to read your news. I agree with you re: the injections. My niece found out she had MS at the age of 26. She has to inject regularly and her stomach is like a pin cushion. Someone told her that if she goes into a compression tank for a few hours every month that helps but as she hasn’t got one locally (thank goodness, she said) she has to put up with the injections and a very painful one, once a month. They offered her a walker which she turned down. She said she’d rather have crutches and pretend she has a bad leg.
    The thing she finds the worst is that she cannot drive and cannot go on public transport because of the obvious . She has to hire a taxi to take her to work ( luckily, she works at the nearest hospital) and home again. Again luckily, she gets her medicine fairly cheaply. Each item on her prescription costs £8.40 which , while I think it is awful but it’s a darn sight cheaper than yours would be. Anyway, I hope she and you continue to enjoy life for many years to come. As she says, what’s the alternative.

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    • Yes,long time no see. I have probably had MS for 20-30 years, but you blame all the aches and pains on other stuff. It has not really interrupted my life a lot in the past, but my own house doctor felt there was something wrong, sent me to the neurologist and had all the examinations. I am lucky as it seems to have been slow moving in the past. I do not have to pay for my medicine, the insurance will pay (about 20,000 CHF per year).I will pay only 10%, which I can live with, but medicine does not cure, it just slows it down and I can take it or leave it. At the moment I do not feel there is any rush to do anything. I will realise it when the time arrives. I can drive with no problem. My walking is affected, but I can easily use the break (drive an automatic). The problem is that I do not enjoy driving, and prefer a chauffeur and can still use public transport if I have to. I no longer belong to the working population, so no big trouble. I also do not want a walker, or zimmerframe I believe it is called. At the moment I can manage quite well without.


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