Daily Prompt: The Elusive things in life

Back garden

“It must be somewhere.”

“What are you looking for again.”

“Dont’t say again, we could think that I am always forgetting things.” You just have to love your partner, so supportive and helpful and relable. Yes, reliable in reminding you that when you get a little older, you do tend to walk around forgetting why. This time I was successful.

“I found him, he got lost beneath the leaves in the garden.”


“Our caterpillar of course. the one I adopted at the local supermarket.”

He was no longer visible, but I soon uncovered him. I am sure he was happy to be re-disovered, ignored for months.

On the other hand I was taking a walk to the room where I keep my computers and other objects. Actually you could call it my office, but as I no longer work, I do not have an office, a hobby room, and I only really use it on the bad weather days. Otherwise in summer I am outside.

“Where are you going?”

“I am on my way to get something from my hobby room.”

And I arrive, and that is when it happens. Why am I standing in the doorway of this room, There must have been something I wanted. I look around to find something to spur my memory on: a clue, a reminder. Was it a book – of course not I only read on my Kindle. Yes, that was it I wanted to fetch my Kindle. I was happy, I was no longer in an elusive situation. I had a purpose in my journey. I was walking to this room to fetch my Kindle, or was it my Kindle? I do not usually read in the morning.

I decided to return to where I came from, hoping that my memory would also return. I arrived in the kitchen, without ….., now what was it that was missing? No, it must have been something else. And then it hit me like a streak of lightening. It was not my Kindle I wanted to fetch, I was getting there. My Kindle was down, I should upload it. I was happy, a purpose in my journey. The uploading station for iPads and my Kindle, was in this room. I attached the Kindle to the electric current and it showed a yellow light. As soon as this light  became green it would again be fully uploaded.

We left on an expedition to the shoppng center and arrived. It was then that Mr. Swiss realised he had forgotten his money. Ok, no problem (it was only the second time in three weeks). I always have my plastic money with me. Luckily we did not have to tank the car. These things can happen, I have also forgotten to put my purse in my handbag. What would have happened if I had forgotten on the same day as Mr. Swiss forgot? Life becomes complicated as you get older. We do not really forget. We are just sidetracked by other thoughts. When you reach a golden oldie age, you have so much knowledge collected in your brain, that it tends to overflow and it must be re-organised – no problem.

As I was writing this piece of literature I had to look up words in an online Leo dictionary. I have an english mother tongue, but been living in a german speaking country for almost 50 years you do tend to forget the english words, although the german words always seem to be there. According to what I am writing and how english or german I am feeling, I discover that without this online dictionary I would be lost. Words tend to become elusive.

Daily Prompt: The Elusive things in life

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Elusive things in life

  1. I lose words too … and I don’t have ANY excuse. It’s good I have Garry. It take two of us to complete a paragraph. We finish each others’ sentence because neither of us can remember all the words 🙂

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    • My problem is losing words in the english language, because the first word I thinks of is the german word. I have to look it up in the dictionary to see what the correct english word would be, not to mention my atrocious spelling mistakes.


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