Weekly Photo Challenge: The Cherry on the top

Blackbird 19.07 (3)

I suppose it is the little things in life that put the cherry on the top. There is perhaps nothing special or spectacular about a blackbird in the garden, but this little lady (and it is a lady of the species – I had to correct) visits us daily. Now and again she pulls a worm out of the lawn and flies off with it. She probably has a family of chicks to  feed. They are devoted birds and help each other with the housework, just like me and Mr. Swiss.

I had to re-write this as it was definitely a female and not a male. The males are black and the females more brown.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Cherry on the Top

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Cherry on the top

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    • My problem with such photos is the birds fly away just when I want to shoot a picture. This little fellow is too busy having a look around to see what he can find to eat, so I could take my time.

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  3. We have a pair too, and I’m not certain but it looked like the female dived down through the prickly holly leaves the other day. And the male stood for ages on the fence, as if waiting for something. So perhaps there is a well protected nest down in the prickles.

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    • I thought it was a male at first, but it is a female. The male is probably on lookout while the female does the work. Trust the men to take the good jobs. There is certainly a nest around somewhere, but at the moment there are many.

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