Daily Prompt: Carefree at last


After almost two weeks of drought it was suppose to rain during the night, but it did not. At least not what I would call rain, just a trickle to show us it was on the way. No problem, who needs rain (except for my garden).  This afternoon was my first physio therapy session. I had to postpone it because of my sudden trip to London, but now things are gradually again becoming carefree and I can look forward and get on with my life. I planned today’s lunch for half an hour earlier, to enable us to have our normal golden oldie after lunch sleep. I had everything under control, at least I thought I did

There was one small problem. This morning our heatwave returned and this afternoon Mr. Swiss chauffered me to my therapy. In the meanwhile it began to rain, no it was a monsoon. When my therapy was finished, Mr. Swiss picked me up and we drove home together through one of those wonderful summer cloudbursts. We both got drenched when walking to the car, but who cares. If I had an umbrella we could have done a “singing in the rain” act, although Mr. Swiss is not a Gene Kelly look-alike.

We then remembered that we had forgotten to raise the sun blind before leaving home. It is sort of waterproof, but after living in our appartement for 18 years, we never really tested its resistance again water. We now have a very wet sun blind and are hoping for the next sunny spell to dry it out. As I write this outside on the porch, I can hear the explosions on the blind caused by the rain drops, as well as the background accompaniment of thunder.

My physio therapy was quite fun. It was a first “getting-to-know-you” session and no strenuous exercises. The emphasis at the moment is on my balance, and practicing sitting and standing up from a chair all on my own. That is not easy for me and I have now realised that practice will make perfect, at least I hope. The good thing about this exercise is that I can do it without reserving an hour, but  sitting, stand up and sit down, at least five times continously as an accompaniment. I never really thought about it much, but I do need energy to do it. I am allowed to use the table for help, but the target is to do it without.

I have a further three appointments for the next three weeks, so now it is getting serious. I am sure I will eventually be ready for the stand up-sit down champioships in the MS Olympics.

Our plans are now to let the blind dry out on its own, when the hot sun returns. Unfortuately it will not be returning for a couple of days, but looking on the bright carefree side of things, at least we will have a clean sun blind eventually.

To the background of thunder I will now close this epic piece of carefree writing and as a last thought I have now put my potted plants out in the rain. I am sure they will be thankful for it.

Potted plants

Daily Prompt: Carefree at last

17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Carefree at last

  1. Have you been told to ‘engage your core’? I am visiting an osteopath due to pulled muscles in my back (5 weeks now) and that’s what she has told me to do – however I think mine might be on strike :-/ I also have to practice standing on one leg to aid balance, “Do it in the supermarket queue or peeling potatoes at the sink” she said.

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  2. Keep up the good work, dear Mrs Angloswiss. Stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down….

    As for plants out in the rain, when I was in the UK in May last year I put the two jade plants outside, just because they were going mouldy and were dry as a bone. I thought they had had it. But despite their having been out all winter, when we got here this June, here they were looking very healthy and happy. So outside they will stay. Who knew they were so hardy?

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    • Had to look up Jade Plant in the computer. I know it as a money tree, and yes they do like the summer weather. Here you have to be careful with almost all plants really, that they do not freeze outside in winter. I would probably take that one inside in winter.


  3. That’s the point – they were outside all winter because I thought they were already dead. But I’ll watch them as we’ll be around for the first winter in ages.
    Back in Albuquerque we have blueberries in pots, outside now, but brought in over the winter as I try to keep them alive in the house. Our house sitter says there are berries ripening so I must have done the right thing.

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    • I think Albuquerque is one of those places that never have a real Winter, more one or two light snowfalls every two years. At least you have nice balloon events.


    • I was glad that it rained, it really cooled down nicely. The only problem being that someone (no names mentioned) forgot to roll in the sunshade before we left. It is still drying out, but we had to roll it in damp, because we had another monsoon.


  4. Now I god my mind back, I am concentrating on hold handle a can walker. I have physical therapy site in August. I enter the 21st century today and got new clothes. Back to dresses will help with my allergies.

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