Daily Prompt: Every day a feast

Sculpture Restaurant Cantinetta Solothurn

After a week away from my home, Mr. Swiss and my country I returned on Saturday and we decided on Sunday Mrs. Swiss would not cook and we went to one of our favourite Italian restaurants in our nearby town of Solothurn. The lady in the photo is in the garden outside of the restaurant and generally sleeps through all the excitement. The weather was good, the atmosphere was ideal and it was the first time for a long while that we ate out. We just did not feel like it up to now this year,  with so many problems going on, but last Sunday we decided to do it.

No, we did not have spaghetti, I can cook that at home. It was giant prawns with all the trimmings. I took pasta with it and Mr. Swiss small potatoes cooked with rosemary. We both had a mixed salad first of all.


Back to normality at home – see photo. I know it might not be a feast, but it was a feast for me today. Over the last half year I had not exactly lost my appetite, but was just eating to survive. Things were getting a little on top of me and food was not the most important thing in my life. Slowly the clouds are lifting, I can see light at the end of the tunnel and my appetite is slowly returning.

As Mr. Swiss enjoyed his potato accompaniment to his meal on Sunday, I decided to cook them myself today with green beans (fresh and not frozen) and saltimbocca, which our local supermarket had. Saltimbocca – veal topped with a slice of prosciutto and all stuck together with a small toothpick holding a sage leaf. At least that is how they do it here. My potatoes turned out quite well. Mr. Swiss found they were even better than those at the restaurant, but then restaurants probably do not smother everything in butter like Mrs. Angloswiss. I did not really intend showing dinner here, but I happened to be on the FB messenger with my friend and I sent her a photo of today’s dinner, which is why I happened to have it ready.

Perhaps it is because of the good summer weather, perhaps because there are only the two of us at the moment, but I enjoy cooking again. Tomorrow there will be another feast. It is a shopping day and afterwards we will have lunch in the supermarket restaurant. Not 5 star of course, just houseman’s food but no stress. We do not have to spend a fortune to eat well. Enjoy life when you can I say, and if we do not have to cook, clean up the kitchen after the meal and just go home to our coffee/tea and take our golden oldie midday sleep, that is all we need.

Daily Prompt: Every day a feast

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Every day a feast

  1. You are quite the elegant cook. I cook too, but my presentation leaves much to be desired even though I think everything tastes good. I want some of your pizza. It sounds like it might be worth the effort to make it, so I’m going to have to look up your recipe again. Except for the dried ham, I think I can get all the other ingredients pretty easily. I’m so glad you’re home again!

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    • I think the dried ham might be called prosciutto, but am not sure. It is just something we eat here. My presentation is abominable. there was not a lot I could mess up today. I just put it on the plate. One of the reasons I have never bothered to enter the maste chef programme on the TV. Now and again we might get a frozen pizza if we do not have a lot of time, otherwise I make my own. Just buy the pastry and throw what you like on it. Not only am I home, but I feel better. It was a stress and strain this half year and now I can breathe again.


  2. Pleased to see the stressful time is over. Nothing wrong with that plate of food,it looks great.

    I am wondering if your idea of eating out when there is not a lot of energy and appetite would work for me. I struggle with what to eat to get me to eat anything. Just had home made porridge with sunflower seeds and sultanas because I make myself eat the right things.

    Take care,

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    • We are not getting any younger and now that my worries have reduced somewhat, we decided to do what we feel like doing. I will not eat out every day, but we have such wonderful restaurants where we can dine in the garden. Now and again I like a rest from the kitchen. I have a problem with milk, ice cream and yogurt etc. as I seem to have a lactose allergy. Otherwise I eat what I fancy and no longer concentrate on health foods.


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