Daily Prompt: In the dark


On the hot summer days we live in darkness. It is the Swiss AC system. Why buy expensive machinery that makes noise and costs money to run, when you can do it all for free. At least that is the Mr. Swiss patent “keep cool” system. Keep the windows closed, put the blinds down and shut the door. Although shutting the door does not always work as now and again a human has to enter. This morning eveything was open but the last words from Mr. Swiss to me before he left on a mission to the shops was to close everything when I was finished in the bathroom which I did of course. Not a ray of sunlight now enters the appartment, it is the vampire’s haven, ideal for a daily sleep in a coffin.

Personally I prefer the great outdoors, that is why I am writing this piece outside on the porch. I can breathe, see the shades cast by sunlight and have no fear of bumping into anything because it is too dark to see. However, each to his own and I must admit it remains cool inside.

Foot tunnel in Solothurn main stationI must soon leave this dark and dismal place for a journey to brighter places, the local station, although even there not everything is plunged into darkness, thanks to the modern invention of electricity. I will depart for Zürich Airport on Monday morning, my flight leaving at 11.15 a.m. and Mr. Swiss and I have been examining the train timetable to get me to the airport on time.

It seems that the Swiss train system has undergone a revision, a new life has been inserted into everything. Zürich main station used to have basically 14 platforms which were enough to send you all over Switzerland. In the meanwhile they have built tunnels (very dark) and an undeground platform system (more darkness). In the olden days of light you would travel to Zürich, stay on the train and progress to Zürich Airport with no problem, the train leave every half hour from Solothurn.

Zürich station has now been reproducing, they even have a platform 22 and more. I used to book my journeys online on the computer but that is now a little too complicated. I am now qualified as “handicapped” walking with my stick and snail pace and 5 mintues is not enough time for me to change from ground level to the darker levels of the underground platforms, I would definitely miss the connection. We have now discovered a straight through connection, but it is not completely clear and so Mr. Swiss and I will go to the main station in Solothurn, personally, to book my journey.

I will be flying to London City airport and there is only one flight per day from Zürich at 11.15 a.m. I will have enough time, although will probably have to rise from my bed at the crack of dawn to catch the train showered and fed, but at least there will be light. Mr. Swiss wanted to accompany me on the 1 hour 15 minute journey to Zürich airport, but I told him, I would not be quicker if he was not with me.

And now for my journey with my chauffeur to the station to book my journey if he can find the time to tear himself away from his tablet where he is again watching the progress in the Tour de France bicycle race in the Pyranees. I am sure it will be fun, it is not often they let me out in the afternoon, so I will make the most of it and take a few photos with my camera, but shhhh. Don’t tell Mr. Swiss, he always gets nervous when I begin to take photos and prop my walking stick up somewhere. He thinks I might have an accident. Who me? never, my camera never leaves my neck.

“Yes, I am coming – just have to upload my blog.” Men can be so impatient sometimes.

Daily Prompt: In the dark

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: In the dark

  1. I believe in air conditioning as one of the prime civilizing influences on humankind. That being said, I try to convince my husband that you should close doors to air conditioned roomed to keep the cold IN and the hot OUT. I do not think I have successfully gotten the message across.

    Travel safely. I’m glad you are going in the daylight. Whatever may lurk in the dark, there’s always the simple truth that we are much more likely to fall and hurt ourselves when we can’t see what’s in our way. It will be better soon. Everything will be better soon.


    • There are no real night flights from Zürich, they stop around 11.00 pm in the evening due to the noise over inhabited places.
      We don’t have so much air conditions in homes in Switzerland, mainly in factories and offices and I never like it very much. Like living in a permanent draft. Mr. Swiss is very observant with open doors and windows, it is one of his favourite summer participtions. I like fresh air. At the moment am sitting in my “office” infront of the open window on the shady side of the house – just wonderful.


  2. I remember doing the close all the curtains routine when we lived in South Australia and the summers were fierce. I hated it because I hate being in dark rooms and having to put the lights on during the day but it was unbearable outside. The house wasn’t that much cooler as it was brick veneer and heated up quickly. In the evening we would open the front door to catch the breeze that usually came up and sit on our front porch until long after dark waiting for the house to be cool enough for us to sleep. Eventually we gave up and moved to a cooler state where ironically the house has an air conditioner (reverse cycle)

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    • It certainly helps to keep out the heat, although I am not a fan of the dark indoors. Luckily we have a covered porch on the sunny side where I usually sit during the day. The other side is the shady side in the afternoon where it is comfortable to sit outside.

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