Daily Prompt: Forbidden objects are the best


It is not really fair when the things you enjoy most are forbidden. I don’t mean Mr. Swiss, he was not supposed to be in the photo, but he is busy watching the “Tour de France” on his tablet, and I did not want to break his concentration. The “Tour de France” is the french bicycle race throughout France. At the moment I think they are in the pyrenees, which means excitement on watching the cylists conquering heights, grabbing a drink in a bottle from the helpers on the wayside when still peddling and at the end of the day someone wins, is the fastest and gets to wear the yellow jersey for the next stage. I can hear the cheers and clapping in the background whilst writing my daily piece of blog. I like the tour de france, but not because of the nicely tanned muscular legs of the contestants. I like to look at the landscapes along the roadside. Now and again my eyes might wander to a pair of legs, but that is not forbidden, a natural fact and they certainly have some well developed muscles on those legs – am wandering from the subject again.

The forbidden object(s) on this table are the doughnut(s) and the oversized almond croissant. I did not buy them, I am diabetic, so I am not tempted to buy such objects, but who am I to forbid Mr. Swiss from enjoying something sweet now and again (as if I was not sweet enough). And so this morning in the supermarket we bought the main part of the daily meal, the meat (today hamburger freshly made and tomorrow meat for the spaghetti) and decided to get the veg afterwards, having a solid basis for the meal.

It just so happens that the daily selection of special sweet accompaniments are very near the vegetable selection. After selecting some fennel we wandered to the forbidden sweet delicacies of the day. The croissants were becoming boring and Mr. Swiss decided for something completely different, when he saw the doughnuts. There was even a covered dish of cut doughnuts to try as a sample. Doughnuts are international but in Switzerland we are not spoilt with 100 varieties as in the States, so when we have a selection we tend to make the most of it, at least Mr. Swiss does.

It was then that Mr. Swiss made the mistake of telling me how good they were, filled with an indefinable yellow custard type cream, and invited me to try a piece. It was then that he decided it would be the solution for our après golden oldie sleep snack, the problem being that I am diabetic. However, what harm can a doughnut do? “Supermarket shopper attacked by a cream filled doughnut. Emergency nurse at the scene applying insulin.” were the headlines I envisaged in the local newspaper, or “Beware of the doughnuts, they can be a threat to your existence”.

Mr. Swiss asked “do you want one as well?” What a silly question to ask a diabetic who is forced to ignore such delicacies. Of course I said yes, and he took two, as well as a king-sized almond croissant. Mr. Swiss does things by halves, which is why there is a lonely half doughnut on the table. He is saving the rest for tomorrow or this evening. My motto is “let’s go the whole hog” and I have now devoured my doughnut. Yes, “je ne regrette rien” as in the famous french song.

fly swatterFly







I am left alone as Mr. Swiss decided to take a walk and my walking speed is no longer a speed, but more a crawl. He is quite fit for his golden oldie years. I am left with my computer and an annoying fly which decided to cross my path, but I am prepared. The fly swatter is always near. Not that I enjoy killing creatures, but let us be honest, flies are born to be killed. It has nothing to do with the elimation of the species. If you kill a fly, another dozen appear to revenge its death.

Daily Prompt: Forbidden objects are the best

16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Forbidden objects are the best

  1. Poor George is forbidden to shop with me. I too have diabetes and George has a sweet tooth the size of Arizona! The last time I allowed him to accompany me to the shops, we came home with a creme cake, a dozen assorted donuts, some hershey’s kisses and four packages of cookies (biscuits for the europeans). I made him take all of the above to his workshop and out of my house.

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    • Too early for mosquitos here, they arrive end August and September and I have never caught one on my computer screen. It is mostly flies here and now and again an earwig, although they stay away from the computer and prefer walls and chairs I noticed.


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