I am still here

Albert Stanley Relf – 24.09.1915-22.06.2016 – photo taken on 90th birthday celebrations in London.

First of all I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments on the passing of my dad. It is very much appreciated. you are not just people that happen to blog here and make a like, but a real part of my life.

I was expecting to depart for London already, but based on organisatorial grounds, things do not move so quickly in London. My family in London are helping me with arrangements, and as soon as I have definite dates I will board my plane. I have learned to be patient over the years, especially with the british system of getting things done.

In the meanwhle I am sitting in Switzerland, twiddling my thumbs, which is not really me, and trying to put my mind onto other matters for the time being and so now and again I will be writing, until I suddenly disappear, but not without warning.


18 thoughts on “I am still here

  1. Sorry Pat, I missed your earlier post. Please accept my condolences. I hope you are able to make your travel plans soon. As well as the sad moments, funerals are a time to catch up with family and old friends, and to share your memories – good, bad, sad and funny. From what I have read on your blog your dad was a bit of a character so I’m sure there will be some great anecdotes you might want to share with us on your return. Take care. Eileen x

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    • Thankyou. I will be staying with my friend in London (we have known each other for at least 50 years). It will not be a big congregation, my dad being 100 years old and I am the only daughter. Many of his friends passed away some time ago and our relations are few and far between. He had many friends and was very much liked.

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  2. Both my parents and my brother passed while I lived far away, though at least I was able to be there at the end for my brother. Hard to wait while others do all the arranging. But I’m glad you are able to wait at home where you are comfortable and have all your things about you 🙂

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    • I could have gone to London some time ago, but I just had to say what is the point. My dad was in perfect care, very well looked after, and I could wave to him via my friend’s iPad when she visited him. I have really learned to treasure the messenger function of FB during this difficult time. To be honest, there was a time when I heard the “ping” of a facebook message and had a stab of anxiety. Now this has gone and I know now it is my friend or family calling and not one of the carers in the home where my dad was, or other worrying news. When you live far away no-one calls you on the telephone, it costs too much. My telephone bills have been very high over the past year, because I had to call everyone, tying up loose ends


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