Good Morning

Weekly Photo Challenge Curves 17.06 (17)

I decided this photo (a close up of my garden snail ornament) fitted the mood of the day. Yesteday evening as I was thinking about moving to the horizontal position in bed I felt that something was different with a front tooth: probably a particle of food which is easily removed. I decided to make a closer examination and discovered a filing cover had to dislodge itself, leaving me with a crater behind the left front tooth. After a further examination I discovered the crater was actually much smaller, but things on teeth always seems bigger.

I had no toothache, so I eventually fell asleep with thoughts of organising a dental visit and trying to work out how to get there if my appointment would be in the morning and organising the shopping, although Mr. Swiss is very independent with shopping: it would be a matter of planning a food list and neither of us have a clue what we want to eat today. My oldest son is also at home on the feeding list, as at the moment he is working short time.

Luckily my dentist is open at 8.00 a.m. and so I was poised with my mobile phone to call. It seems the dentist still had the automatic telehone answering machine and I had to listen to the details of opening times first of all, still prodding around at the place where the tooth used to be complete. He said they were open at 8.00 a.m. and it was already 08.05. I tried again, was successful and spoke to his nurse and now have an appointment this afternoon at a sensible time. I can have my golden oldie afternoon sleep and afterwards go to the dentist. As said, no pain, just inconvenience and I am sure it will just be an hour’s work, with a little bit of drill carving, filling and a  cover afterwards. The only pain I will probably feel will be in my bank account. The dental surgery even has its own bank/postcard machine for immediate payment. This does not reduce the pain of paying, but you get a small reduction for immediate payment and it is done with.

Sparrows 19.06 (8)

Yesterday afternoon I had one of my brilliant ideas. I had clean windows in front of the computer. I threw a handful of bird seed outside within camera range and waited for them to arrive and they did. Not more than two at a time, but sparrows are always ready for food, they are not fussy. I took many photos, but was quite successful. There is always the first sparrow which can hardly believe his luck, and hops around the food to make sure no-one is watching. When he is certain he takes a peck, flies off and returns immediately realising he is still alive and there is more. Now sparrow No. 2 arrives for a free risk-free meal with no complications – and of course me sitting behind the window taking photos.

And now I have other things to do. It is Monday, a new beginning to the week, although every week seems to be the same since reaching the golden oldie status, with a few more doctor appointments in between. I will sharpen my walking cane, and venture into the unknown world of the supermarket. I must remember to buy washing powder, I have none left.

Be kind to your computers, and remember they also have feelings. If they do not do what you want them to do, a bad workman always blames his tools, although I am sure even Bill Gates would utter profanities now and again if a link did not work.

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