Daily Prompt: We are rebuilding – daily service will be resumed as soon as possible


What did I see when I switched on my Apple computer today. Of course, they are rebuilding, a new app, a new programme – great. Mr. Swiss told me about it yesterday and he already got it on Saturday. We both have Apple Macbooks as an alternative to our Microsoft computers. Mr. Swiss got his in a special offer and gave it to me to try out. I became an Apple disciple straight away, although in the meanwhile I also got myself a new Microsoft with Windows 10, I am completely rebuilding.

So now apple told me that I would have to be patient. My computers basically speak German and this screen says that the installation is being completed, another 11 minutes, although it was just a matter of 5-6 minutes and a new start which it did all on its own. Computer time is faster than real time, although there are exceptions.

Rebuilding has been the story of my life it seems. I grew up in London town after the war and there was not very much left in my area, being near the docklands, which seemed to have been a favourite target of the enemy aircraft. Although my dad told me from his war experiences in Germany in the last part of his war service, there was not much left in the German large towns either. It was war: you bomb my town and I will bomb yours. There were a few countries involved in this war and rebuilding was planned afterwards. This has resulted in a new modern European design, each country doing its own thing. High towers, lots of glass, and traffic free zones in the cities, the traffic mainly being banned to the outside peripheries.  The center of London, where I grew up, was an exception. They left the ruins for about ten years until they deicided what to do with them.  It seems to me that they are still deciding and what they have done up to now has not impressed me.

Switzerland was neutral during the war years and so the country was spared from the bomb destructions. I think the bad guy in this war thing decided to leave Switzerland as a nice little country to use after the war as a sort of unspoilt center, just my thoughts on the matter. To a certain degree it worked, but mainly because that guy was no longer there to plan anything big with Switzerland. The only ruins you see in Switzerland are where they decided to build a new bank or factory. The old parts are under some preservation law and Bern is still Bern with its covered streets. Our town of Solothurn was founded by the Romans. If they now walked the streets they would find the cobbles very Roman friendly. Our problem is when they decide to rebuild something, they find a few skeletons, an old Roman wall and even the outlines of a Roman villa (near the local hospital). This is OK, but means another pause in the work until the archaelogists decide what to do with the bones and the wall remains. In our little village, on the fringe of Solothurn, they discovered it was a hanging place for the criminals. Beneath the estate where I live, there were three skeletons which were just tossed into a hole. Probably the criminals of the old days.

In the meanwhile my Apple computer has its new start. Computers are something in daily life but they are being constantly rebuilt.  I remember facebook when it was, well, just a Facebook. Now I see daily videos of dogs being rescued, cats doing things that cats do not usually do, and also humans doing things that are sort of super human. I do not find it funny if someone has an accident, and I strongly believe that all the trash I see in Facebook is a trick, not real, just designed to make you go “oooh” and “aaah”. Of course you can eliminate the stuff that bores you. I eliminated at least 20 various cooking sites because it was all the same stuff under another name and it was just plain boring. 100 ways how to cook pizza toppings. What happened: I got the same pizza variations under other site names. They conspire with each other behind your back.

Facebook has been re-built so often that if the original returned again, I would probably not even recognise it as being a return.

I just got a plish thingy on my iPad/iPhone and iEverything else: Microsoft wants to buy business network Linkedin – for 26 million dollar. I think I am in the wrong business, another rebuild taking place.

It is fashion to do it new, to keep one step ahead and be modern. I am 70 years old (next December) but it seems to me my life has been one big re-build. Now I am tired, although I do like my computers. They rebuild themselves all on their own. Not to mention pingbacks and the grid …..


Daily Prompt: We are rebuilding, daily service will be resumed as soon as possible.

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: We are rebuilding – daily service will be resumed as soon as possible

  1. I think when we stop rebuilding, stop changing — no matter how exhausting the changing and rebuilding are — we start to shrivel up. If I believed in a god, I’d think this year, this summer was some kind of test, although what it’s testing, I’m sure I don’t know. Life IS one long survival test, but hey, we’re still here, right? You keep staying here! Need you around the farm!

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    • I will stay on the “funny?” farm for a while. I just adapt. I used to get annoyed with the changes, but then I realised that there were people that made a profession of getting annoyed about changes. I think the tests might be there for a reason and now I am really looking forward to my new stick arriving tomorrow by DHL. Always look on the bright side of whatever it is. Think of what you can tell your grandchildren one day about the caterpillar siege and how you won. The caterpillars will disappear before you, we are the champions.


  2. Change is good, but it can be quite a challenge to keep up with…like the computers! I have windows 7 and love it, but I keep getting messages for me to download windows 10…I’m not interested in that…I guess I do not want to CHANGE. I know for a fact that 8 is a nightmare and I would like to keep having the convenience of 7. Unfortunately, people are being forced to change to 10…without their permission. My husband’s computer was automatically switched to 10 and I’ve heard others say the same thing. I keep saying.no, but I suspect that one day I will turn on my computer and it will have the windows 10 on it! CHANGE…it always happens. 🙂

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    • In the meanwhile I had bought my Apple computer, which I love. However, to keep up with the crowd I decided on a new Acer Nividia computer with Windows 10 already installed. My older Acer computer still had Windows 7 and I was not sure if it would digest the changeover to Windows 10. In the meanwhle I have updated my old Acer to Windows 10 and it works OK. I have a good chance for a comparison and the difference between the updated Acer and the New Acer I have with windows 10 is the speed. The new computer is twice as fast as my old Acer with Windows 10. I also discovered that I can easily download all the apps I want on the new Acer, but the old Acer with uploaded Windows does not have all of them available. I would strongly recommend, if you want Windows 10, then a new computer and keep it away as long as possible from your older computer. I would add I am loving Windows 10, the best version ever in my taste. But I also love my Apple computer. I have the best of both worlds, but being a golden oldie I do not have much else to do all day, except a little cleaning exercise.

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