Daily Prompt: And another embarrassing prompt?

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“Joe, what’s with the daily prompt today?”

“Nothing, I got one.”

“Great, but no-one is seeing it, we have no answers.”

“It must be there. The automatic prompt machine was switched on yesterday. I did it before the party.”

“But it is not working Joe. The machine is striking. Did you do a re-boot, to make sure?”

“No need, modern technology does it all. I can see the new blue gridded window, looks great.”

“Yeah, super, very aesthetic,  but it is empty. No-one has turned up for the event. Did you do another check after the party yesterday.”

“Heck, it was way after midnight. We were celebrating and that sort of thing runs all on its own. Have a look in the reader, there are lots of blogs all about the new theme of the day.”

“The problem being that no everyone looks in the reader, they get a mail in their in-box to tell them the new prompt has arrived and then they all rush to the new skyblue grid to partake. Joe, it’s like getting an empty box for Christmas, there is nothing inside.”

“My cat loves empty boxes. Even if I put something inside it, he empties the box and sits in it for hours.”

“Sorry to disappoint you Joe, but these are real live humans that look in on the daily prompt, some of them even suggest the word to use. They don’t sit at the empty computer and play with the keyboard, they write things, they tell everyone about it. You know that can get a little frustrating if they write for 20 minutes, press the buttom and no-one sees anything.”

“Yea, but you know the party and all that. We had a real ball, and when Fred’s beer glass fell over on the computer it was a real laugh, all the letters were disappearing. The connections got a little wet – oh sorry that was yesterday’s prompt. That one worked, did you see it boss, it got 118 entries.”

“Great and today we have 0 entries. Did you get the letters  back again?”

“I ain’t sure, I think that was when I fell asleep. I thought that was why we had a reader. You know, if you can’t find it on the grid, it is bound to be in reader. Look boss, there are all the answers that the people wrote in the reader.”

“Yeah, great, but it is only the people you follow that you see in the reader. All the others are left out in the cold.”

“On my grid it says that there are 70 bloggers liking the prompt, that is success.”

“Joe I like watching ball games and reading science fiction. I even like reading the New York times, but it don’t mean a lot if I can’t get a ticket, buy the book or if my paper boy is sick and doesn’t deliver the paper. People get disappointed beause they don’t see anything.”

“Have you tried the refresh button?”

“For the last two hours every five minutes and nothing happens.”

“Ok, I will have a look later. Now I have to get some rest, I have a headache and don’t feel so good. Must have been the Tequila I had to go with the beer. My mum always told me to stay away from the Tequila.”

“And what are our disappointed customers supposed to do in the meanwhile?”

“They could go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air instead of sitting at a computer. It would be more healthy. Or they can have a look in on the reader, that’s where the crowd meets and write something for later. Boss I don’t feel too good, those parties can be really heavy sometimes.”

“What were you celebrating?”

“The success of the one word prompt, everyone loves them.”

No offence meant, I love the new prompt system and am sure that Joe and the gang do their best for us all, but mistakes can happen. No body’s perfect. The embarrassing moments make the fun.

Daily Prompt: And another embarrassing Prompt?

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: And another embarrassing prompt?

      • LOL – right? I think they’re on vacation 😉 I always get misplaced looking for forums. I posted “in the pool” and Michael (83unsungheros) tweeted. – Have a nice evening, Laurie


  1. Glad you posted this. At first I thought I had done something wrong in the code and thought mine would be the first, but no. So it’s not me. I tried to re-do my code several times making myself late for my walk/run.

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