Daily Prompt: The Angloswiss Connection

M - Optician

I have a single word Prompt from WordPress via a suggestion from one of the bloggers and I sit and look and wonder where do I go from here. With a photo of course, I have many connections via my computers, iPad, and iPhone. I no longer have a landline, do not need it. An iPhone does the job quite well and I can switch it off if I want to go into solitary confinements, a golden oldie sleep or whatever. At the moment it is switched on.

So I visit my online and photo connection to make a choice and hello, Mr. Swiss has been taking photos again. He is also connected to my online agent and his photos also appear on my page. I sort them with a special code to be sure I am no going under false pretences when on a photo site, but this is my site, my place and I will do what I want (sounds familiar). Mr. Swiss was at the opticians this morning having his glasses corrected and he had to wait. What do you do when waiting, you take a photo or two with your iPhone of course. I just discovered these and decided to use one so that you are not foced to look at my computer world – again. He is getting quite good at photography, even had the built in mirror effect, although this was probably more luck than judgement.

It was one of those connective moments in time for him, a memory now registered with my online photos. Life is wonderful today, we are all connected. I am connected via my computer to thousands of people blogging away their lives, just like me. No matter where you are you get connected.

computerYou want to see where I am now, at this very minute. Just imagine the chair on the right at the front with my body. This is where I am now sitting and writing this blog. It is a pleasant day, not exactly heat wave weather but warm enough to sit outside in a t-shirt and shorts. My computer is ready to go, the blue tooth mouse as well and the iPad in case I get a message from another planet, or another country. This is the connection  headquarters of Mrs. Angloswiss.

My father is in London is a nursing home. If there is negative news I get it immediately. He does not have a telephone or a computer. At the age of 100 and 8 months it is a bit late to begin with a cyber life. He has good days and not so good days. I used to be able to call him, but he no longer has a phone.  He is connected to me via my friend and family.  I may get an e-mail, or an FB message. I can even see my dad in his room via the FB messenger when my friend takes her iPad with her when visiting. Only today Mr. Swiss asked whether I had heard anything about my dad. I try to be a realist in this connection knowing that bad news always travels fast. Today my friend sent a message to say she visited him and had an hours conversation with him. He even said he should have some money in his room in case he wanted anything. Of course he can have money but up to now there was not a great need. It shows his realisation of the life surrounding him, a positive sign, and he is happy to have some cash in his room.  I am so glad for this connection.

Now and again my iPhone buzzes as someone in WordPress is connecting with a like or a comment. I also get this on my iPad, but here I have turned off the sound. Mr. Swiss found that buzzing in one place is OK, as long as it is at the softest tone, but two buzzes are too much, especially as they do not arrive at the same time, but with a fraction of a second in between. Of course you have to recognise the signals that your connective elements use. A message is always a “ping” and notification is a melodious “plong”.  There is also an aggressive and loud “Plang” from the Swiss news to tell us of important events, such as Stan Wavrinka (who?) wins a tennis match or here is another negative event in the world. Mr. Swiss and I both get these reports. Sometimes it might only be Mr. Swiss which is usually an SMS from his drum teacher or otherwise. Life is not easy in the cyber world today, the connective sounds differ and it is wise to know where they come from. This is the reason why I switch off my connections during the night and after lunch. I do not want to be on a 24 hour connection.

Daily Prompt: The Angloswiss Connection

One thought on “Daily Prompt: The Angloswiss Connection

  1. My cell phone, when I have it on, makes a wide range of sounds. Dings, buzzing, chirping, a piece of Bach, chimes … and each one of these apparently is supposed to alert me to something even transpiring in the virtual world, something so important that I must know about it instantly. I have all the sound turned off on my computer except for Audible recordings or music … but I don’t seem to be able to pick and choose on the phone — it’s all or nothing. So I turn it off and then, it’s delightfully silent.

    Remember when we didn’t need to know everything immediately? The weather channel could update itself without informing us. We even missed phone calls. Sometimes, you had to call someone back before connecting. Imagine that!


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