Photo Challenge: Numbers

Solothurn Main Station

This was not as easy as it looked. Numbers? Where do you get lots of numbers in one place. My first thought was the railway station. The Swiss Railway Clock is the icon for all railway clocks, so I though that would be a good photo. When examining my photos of a Swiss Railway clock at the local and other stations I realised this was not a good idea, because it has no numbers, just little lines. What a let down when you cannot even rely on your own country.

However, I decided to take a look at our local station of Solothurn. Every time I take a train somewhere, I also take a few photos. Of course I found some numbers. We number our platforms and note the Swiss Railway Clock hanging up on the left and its abscence of numbers. Platform 1 is the main Geneva-Romanshorn (via Zürich) line cutting horizontally through Switzerland. We are 2 hours from Geneva and 1 hour from Zürich.

I am not sure what Platform 2 does, but I think it is more reserved for local trains, and probably takes you to Burgdorf which is the gateway to the Emmental in Kanton Bern.

Platform 3 is where you alight from the train that has arrived from Zürich and further East.

On the other side of the station there are two platforms for our direct connection to Bern and return which is quite handy. It is nice rural countryside on the way, going through various small villages and at the end of the journey the train goes underground for a few minutes arriving in the centre of Bern after an hour’s train journey. If you are lucky, on a good day, you will also get a view of the Bernese Alps on the way.

Photo Challenge: Numbers

3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Numbers

  1. Good one. We don’t have a lot of numbers around here, unless you look at mail boxes or liquor store windows 🙂 We don’t have a train station … though we used to, about 100 years ago. Today, the station is a real estate office and the trains comes through, but doesn’t stop. Great picture!

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