Daily Prompt: The things you see in the Sky


There are skies and skies, and no, I did not convert this sky into black and white, it arrived in this colour. I arose from my midday golden oldie sleep and saw that the theme today was sky. I decided not just any old sky, but today’s sky, an actual sky and so I took this shot of the sky just five mintues ago with my mobile telephone and uploaded it into my photo hoster. This is an actual live sky over Feldbrunnen in Switzerland, the real thing taken at 03.10 hours p.m.

Taking photos of skies is not so easy. I discovered that when raising my head with the camera balanced in my hands. I was free standing, and free standing is not something I can do, but have to have a grip somwhere. I moved along and eventually supported myself by the wall and pressed the button. I have many sky photos on my computer, but this is a real live sky and even the sun was trying to get into the picture. It has now disappeared, but might return again, who knows. It was not in the mood for a photo session. At the moment the clouds in the sky are doing a solo performance.

Plane and Crow

Of course the finest sky photos as the ones you take from a plane with all the drama included. Fluffy clouds, the high blue above and a crow. A crow? Well why not, it was their manor before the humans developed legs.

“Crow what are you doing perched on the motor of the plane.”

“You put me there, remember, something to do with photo shop, although it suits me. A nice view from up here.”

“Shhh crow, don’t tell everyone you were photo shopped, I am being admired for my skill in taking the photo of a view from a plane window with a crow.”

Crows are not so bad, they belong in the air, it is when you get a guy sitting on the wing with a fork in his tail and wings on his body, especially if his skin is red, although very photogenic. He tends to turn his head and glare at you through the window of the plane, perhaps even uttering a maniacal laugh. His eyes are also red to match his general appearance and he will probably have claws on his long fingers. It makes it easier to take a grip on the wing. If you are flying through a storm the effect is really good, the lightening bounces off his fork and he tends to glow. He sometimes wears a t-shirt as an advertisig gag bearing his name “St. Elmo”, and if he turns the word “Fire” is written on the back of the shirt. It is then that everyone in the plane begins to sing the song St. Elmo’s Fire and begins to clap and the guy on the wing does a flight demonstration. The stuff that airlines do today to get publicity for their flights.

I quite  like flying actually, and often take shots from the window, although the sky often gets in the way. My first strange feeling when sitting in a plane, that has taken off, is thinking about my feet on the plane floor. I suddenly realise that the distance between my feet and solid ground is a big distance. If the floor of the plane would break away my feet would be hovering over a lot of empty space known as sky. This is a reason why you should always keep your seat belt fastened when flying. It prevents you dropping off the plane. Generally you have a smooth flight until the pilot decides to fly through a cloud. The clouds are rough going, and the ride gets bumpy. This is often the case when gaining altitude or descending.

Eventually you land and everyone scrambles for the exit and if you have survived the flight through the sky, you might get hit by a suitcase or pushed down the stairs from the plane. Everyone wants to leave the plane in a hurry. Landings are the most dangerous parts of flying. The sky breathes a sigh of relief, one less noisy machine loading the clouds with negative gas effects and noise. The birds were more friendly, they just let themselves be carried by the air currents and even dropped their recycled matter onto the ground during their flight.

So let us be kind to our sky. If you were really meant to fly, you would have been born with wings and that is only reserved for the angels and the red guy that sometimes sits on the wing just for the fun of it.

Did I tell you about the time I saw an angel from the plane window …. no, forget it, I will save that for another blog.

Daily Prompt: The Things you see in the sky

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The things you see in the Sky

    • I did this photo some time ago, when I was still using photo shop. I now prefer Ribbit, but you can do the basics with ribbit as well. Cyber crows do not have ruffelled feathers or fall off the plane


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