Daily Prompt: The Purpose of the Purpose is….

Beach chair

no idea really. Why did I take this photo. Because it was there in the supermarket. It was red and white, made a colouful subject but why was this North German style beach chair in the supermarket. What was its purpose being there? Could you sit on it and take a rest – no yo would probably be told to find a more suitable seat, this seat was not for shoppers. There you have it, the purpose of the seat is already a mystery. It is the seat that has no purpose to be used as a seat.  Let us move on, seats that have no purpose are boring and we do not want to be bored.

Not that everything wthout a purpose is boring. Why am I spending time writing this blog about the purpose of whatever the purpose is. Am I seeking for a meaning in blog, do I really want to blog, am I doing this for a reason, is there a purpose behind my endeavours to write a blog?  Of course there is, althugh if someone would by chance stumble upon my blog in Internet, by inserting the words “Angloswiss” in the search function of Google, they would find me as only No. 5 on the list A cross posting of a blog in my google site for blogs which does not really make sense and so what is the purpose of reading something I crossposted in May 2016, there is no point, no reason and I also do not know why this is the first thing you see about me in Google. This should be No. 1 on the list for Angloswiss, the purpose has been overlooked. It should be my birth, my christening, my  achievements in life, there is no purpose in showing a random blog out of the thousands I have written with no spectacular message. I blog because it is there, not to be No. 5 on the list of Angloswiss hashtags. I used the word Hashtag, this is the first time applying this word of the year. At last I have discovered its purpose.

I just love this quote by somone called Joko Beck “My dog doesn’t worry about the meaning of life. She may worry if she doesn’t get her breakfast, but she doesn’t sit around worrying about whether she will get fulfilled or liberated or enlightened. As long as she gets some food and a little affection, her life is fine”. I did not know who Joko Beck was, so I had a look and discovered she was an American Zen teacher 1917-2011. I have again learnt something, that the purpose of this blog is to discover the existence of Joko Beck and her wise words. My blog sensation is similar, what do I care if anyone reads it, gives me a like and canonises me into the bargain. It is the money that I want and the recognition. As long as someone from the Pulitzer or Nobel comittee reads it and proclaims an AngloSwiss Day to be celebrated by bloggers everywhere together with a prize, I am satisfied. What more can I possibly want.

Of course there is the everlasting qustion of the meaning of life. If I really discovered its purpose and told everyong there would be no point in continuing with writing about it. It would no longer have a purpose beause I would have solved the question that has been bothering mankind since its existence. When Ug rubbed two pieces of wood together and produced a spark that set fire to the forest surrounding him, all he got as a reward was the neighbours complaining about burning down the forest and his wife throwing a rock at him saying “ug-ug-ug-Ug” meaning “you stupid caveman burning down the surroundings and the house you built, we will now have to continue living in this damp drafty cave with all the other smelly cavemen”. Yes the first discoveries were difficult and certainly did not explain the meaning of life, even fire had its disadvantages.

I found this prompt extremely exhausting, complex and with many various directions to take, so many that I will come to a close. Should anything of importance in this connection give me inspiration, I will return, but I very much doubt it as I will have to re-discover the purpose of making tonight’s evening meal, and answering a few other challenges on WordPress. Why? it is obvious, because they are there.

Daily Prompt: The Purpose of the Purpose is ……

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Purpose of the Purpose is….

  1. Hello Mrs. Angloswiss, Dusty T. Dog here. A dog’s purpose is more complicated than this Joko Beck seems to understand. We are also charged with defending our humans — and all of those who belong to us — against evil-doers such as bears, cougars, police sirens, postal workers and random dogs wandering the neighborhood. I, for one, feel some anxiety over this because if something happened to my human, I KNOW where I’d end up and I don’t want to go there. But, as a dog, I don’t worry about it until one of the evil-doers is in my proximate area. Then I am ready to act. Your friend forever, Dusty T. Dog

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    • Yes, the problems of a canine are many. I do not have to work at my purpose, for that I have Mrs. Human whose purpose in life is to see to my needs and make sure I am not disturbed by any negative influences, such as other felines wanting to impose on my territory. Luckily there are no random felines here, they have all taken over certain places and humans to ensure that they have a peaceful and satisfying life. Your feline Tabby, Mrs. Swiss cannot speak bark, only meow

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