Good Morning

At the moment my participation in WordPress is at a minimum, if at all.

I am busy orgnising my journey to London for my father’s funeral and are a few things that have to be settled. In this case, please excuse me if I am not getting around to your comments regularly.

Yesterday afternoon I was busy filling out a form online to do with my father’s pensions and benefits in England and now that I at last have a date for the funeral, I booked my flight to London and back. I have done it many times, but each time it is different to the last time, which was 8 months ago. It is all online, but woe betide you if you have a question to steps you must follow, and unfortunately I did.  Again I was confronted with “press button one for german” etc. etc. until I eventually got to the position of being able to talk to a human being. I was then told that it would be a longer waiting time for german (on a recorded message), but if I got into the english queue I would be immediately served.

As I am more or less in the lucky position of being bilingual, I joined the english queue and was immediately answered by a young lady that was neither english mother tongue, nor german mother tongue, but something from a far away country with a strange intonation. She connected me to another department which was completely wrong and so I began again, but this time persevered with the german speaking waiting time. Eventually I got a german speaking person and spoke in my best swiss german: after all this was the airline Swiss. She stopped me after a minute and asked if I could speak high german as she did not understand Swiss german so well.  I suppose you could compare it to someone from the deep South of the States speaking to someone in the high north. You do speak the same language, but just say the words differently.

Anyhow I eventually got an answer to my question, continued to complete my ticket reservation and was told by the computer that the time had run out to complete the form, would I begin again from the beginning. Don’t you just love computers, they are almost human. I decided to have the evening meal in the meanwhile and begin again afterwards. With the second try it worked and now I am booked to fly to London on 11th July, returning a week later.

My Plane to Switzerland from London Citiy

Having settled that part, today I will be busy writing details for the guy doing the service for my dad.

Otherwise life at home goes on as usual. Yesterday our gardner did his work on our garden, and today the gardener has arrived to remove the natural meadow in between our appartment houses.

mowed meadowThere was almost an emergency. I was in the shower and the gardener asked Mr. Swiss if there were any plants that should be preserved before he demolished the complete meadow. There are certain things you do not ask a man, expecially Mr. Swiss. He decided it was all weedy stuff for the cows to munch during the winter and told the gardener guy, no problem. It was only when everything was laying flat and decapitated on the ground he remembered my Tansy, which I planted on the edge of the garden and yes, this was also laying flat. At this point of the happening I was finished in the shower to be confronted with an apologetic Mr. Swiss.

TansyOf course I remained calm at first, really trying to be diplomatic. However, when I inspected the damage the Tansy was still alive although flat on its stems in the wet meadow. It had rained again throughout the night. I was hobbling around on my stick and Mr. Swiss organised some string and scissors and I tied it to my buddliea bush. It is again standing and it is still there.

I just had a word with the super gardner to say he should not touch it. Unfortunately one ear was still covered by his protective headphone and he was not very good at understanding people speaking swiss german with a cockney accent, but he eventually got the point and my tansy is now under protection. It is not yet flowering as in the picture, but has buds and is very tall this year because of the rainfall.


This may be my only contribution today, it depends on the development of events. If time permits, I might turn up now and again to pass a comment, but I have to avoid stress at the moment.

Have a nice day/sleep well everyone wherever you are.

Good Morning


Better late than never, as they say. Today the gardener arrived. He told us it would be today or tomorrow according to whether the rain gods prevailed or not. Today is a wonderful sunny day, not too warm, perfect and so they came. It was mainly the hedge that needed a short back and sides, and they trimmed it perfectly.

I gave them detailed instructions to ensure that my sweet pea and climbing roses must survive and they did a good job. I remember many years ago planting the seeds for the everlasting sweet pea which were quite a success, as they are indestructable and return every year. The original idea was to add some colour into the privet hedge, but now they have plans to take over.

Due to the almost surprise visit of the two gardeners, at 07.15 in the morning when I was still in bed, the daily routine is something completely different, but being versatile we have adapted and I find to a good advantage. My housework is done and everything is shining and nice and tidy. I now have some time and so am sitting out on the porch saying Good Morning to those that have a morning, and in preparation for those that will get a morning as soon as they are awake.

“Shall I go shopping on my own” was the suggestion from Mr. Swiss, thinking that I would now have stress. I am woman and so I improvised to the satisfaction of all. I decided I am showered, dressed to kill and we would postpone the safari in the local supermarket until later, as the gardener is still here and needs the electricity from our appartment. When they are finished, we will depart for the local supermarket, kill a few food articles, put them in the car and then return to the supermarket for lunch. They have a good restaurant, self service, clean and the food is fresh- what more could you want.

This means I will not be cooking in the kitchen and Mr. Swiss will not have to tidy the kitchen afterwards. After lunch we can return home, have something to drink and can relax with our golden oldie after dinner sleep – perfect.

I may not be around so much today, as I am now organising my trip to London, which will most likely be 11th July, so I will still be here next week. However, I now have some official documents to sort with the British authorities, most of it online and my father’s funeral to arrange.

Have fun eveyone, sleep well or have a nice day, and here is a last boring photo of the side of the hedge – again – with my flower box next to it where I also planted some of these invading sweet pea seeds and have trained my climbing rose to compliment the photo.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walks, Indoor or Outdoor

A Sunday afternoon walk through the Einsiedelei, Rüttenen

One of our favourite walks is throught the Eisiedelei in the village of Ruttenen, Switzerland. It has a church and a small house where the local hermit lives. Yes we have a hermit, at least we should have a hermit, but they move out so quickly after they discover that there are too many tourists walking through that disturbs their meditation or whatever hermits do all day. It is a very sheltered place, the sun only manages to appear for an hour during the day, and for hermits suffering with rheumatism it is not very advisable. The last hermit was a lady hermit and she left about a year ago for a quieter life in a Kloster somewhere.

From Feldbrunnen, the river Aare

Another walk we like to take is along the River Aare. We live on the top of the hill overlooking the river, just a 5 minute walk to get to the path on the bank.

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Walks Indoor or Outdoor

One Word Photo Challenge: Cat

I have had 3 felines in charge of my life over the last 14 years, one of whom is still with me. This is Tabby, now 14 years old and who even has her own web site The Cat Chronicles. Here she is in one of here more serioius moments.

Tabby the boss

Tabby had a litter sister, Nera, who was actually the leader of the pack, although doubt exsits if they both had the same father – felines do not take things as serious as humans. Nera gave the orders and Tabby followed. She left us for the eternal corn chambers to help Bastet in her work in the feline Kingdom about 2 years ago, but I often think she still hovers around somewhere.

Nera on top of the wardrobe

And then we had Fluffy, a year younger than Nera and Tabby. He was the man in the house, although never realised it after a visit to the vet. He was Selkirk Rex breed, with curly hair and whiskers that broke off as soon as they grew. Due to an accident, he was blind from the age of 2 years, but never realised it himself.


Fluffy left us for the eternal corn chambers a year ago and is now together again with Nera, although they never really liked each other in our dimension. Perhaps they now get on better together, both being assistants to Bastet.

One Word Photo Challenge: Cat

Daily Prompt: Water, water everywhere

Derendingen 14.04 (4)

The River Emme by the village of Derendingen, Switzerland

We neither have an ocean in Switzerland, nor are we surrounded by water. It is mainly frozen in the alps, but it is there. Now and again it melts and rivers flow through Switzerland, every town and often village has its own river. That is one of the reasons why I am astonished when I realise that water is the most expensive commodity we have. Our water bills are quite high, and it has become a new age hobby to save water.

We now have a water meter built into our private water supply in my appartment, which also cost money, but everyone voted for it. One of the neighbours has a big dog, and another neighbour complained that the dog drinks too much and we are all paying for its water maintenence. Another neighbour added that she even saves on the water she uses to clean her teeth to keep the costs low, mainly because of what this dog in question is drinking.

I do not have a dog, but a feline and she also drinks water. Perhaps I am also doing something wrong, because I give her fresh water daily.

I live on the ground floor, have two gardens, one at the front and one at the back. When we have the summer days where water does not fall from above, I have to give my garden water with my hose which is attached to the water supply. Everyone used to pay for this water I was using. Now I no longer have a guilty conscience, because I only pay for the water that I am using.

At the moment there is enough water in Switzerland due to heavy rainfalls, a very wet Spring. It is now going towards summer, but the higher temperatures cause the weather gods to form black clouds which usually empty their water in the form of a storm, with the usual light show and big bangs.

I even drink water pure, not shaken, from a glass. I spray my potted plants with it as they perfer it in tiny drops as opposed to being drowned in a pot. Mosquitos love water, without it they could not breed and form families which eventually leave the water their thirst being substituted with human blood, known as a sting, which itch and cause discomfort, but this blood supplies the warmth for the offspring to breed.

We have lakes in Switzerland, which are quite big and probably are there to compensaste for the oceans which everyone else has except for the Swiss. Some humans like to swim in water. I do not because I am not a very good swimmer and do not like my head getting wet. Submerging in water is not my thing, water  gets in my ears and nose and floods my lungs eventually and I tend to get syptoms of suffocation.

Fish are quite happy in water, it is their element. They could swim all day and night with no problem. If a fish were writing this memorable piece of literature he would probably begin with “Water is my element” and tell everyone how he could not live without it. I think we agree with the fish. Fish live in water, humans live on land. If we all lived in the same place it would get quite crowded. Taking a walk in the countryside would be uncomfortable if you had to avoid the fish also taking walks having to avoid treading on a fin. Not to mention the slippery situations that could occur.

I have a feeling I am writing a composition for my school class about water. No matter how you try, you cannot get away from the fact that this H2O stuff is everywhere. I am now thirsty so now for a glass of water.

And ducks are also quite at home in water ……

Unknown duck on River Aar

Daily Prompt: Water, water everywhere

Good Morning

back garden

Looks like it will be another nice sunny day today and luckily temperatures are sensible with a cool breeze now and again. I am a bit pinched for time today and laying in bed longer than usual does not help very much. I had one of those strange dreams. I had a little pet mouse, a white one. He disappeared in a cupboard and fell down a gap and was searching for him hoping he would appear again. Then the alarm woke me up, which was just as well as I am sure I would not have found him. There must be a hidden meaning somewhere, perhaps be kind to white mice?

These days I never know how it will be until I actually leave the bed. Will I be able to walk normally to the kitchen or will I need help. I usually do need support, but when I arrive in the kitchen and begin the important work like making my tea and preparing my breakfast, my joints tell me it is ok, go ahead you can do it. I always ask Mr. Swiss whether he would also like a slice of bread and jam, as it does not give more work to prepared for two. Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes no. Today was a yes day, although we never eat breakfast together. He is busy on his computer catching up on the news of the day with various newspapers and I am busy on mine catching up on blog comments and saying good morning to the world. I leave it to your judgement whose computer work is more important.

I made a decision to write in my calandar on my phone daily an event of the day. I made the deicison a few days ago, but have discovered I have no events of the day, and also have no time to write them down if I had one. I must lead a dull and boring life.

Today is a stay at home day, enjoying the cleaning of the bathroom, ,doors and the kitchen. A woman’s work is never done. I might even have time to blog, although today is uncertain. No. 2 son will pay a quick call this evening. It was his birthday last week end, 42 years old. As a special celebration he was treated to a circuit on the Nuremberg racing track, Germany, in a racing car at full speed, so there will be a few things to tell. Time passes quickly, it seems only yesterday I held another product of Mr. and Mrs. Angloswiss in my arms and now he has just bought his own house and gives me computer ideas now and again.

And now to go, duties call, but just one last photo of the porch table with its various flowers. Sleep well, or have a nice day.

Back garden

Flower of the Day: 26.06.2016 Privet

Privet 26.06 (3)

We have a privet hedge surrounding our kingdom. It was already there when we bought the appartment, everyone had one: a sort of territorial division, this is my land and that is yours, cross at your on risk. We are now left with the privledge of cutting it during the summer to keep it under control, although due to golden oldie aches and pains, we now have a gardener to see to it.

It produces flowers once a year and so I decided to take a photo. Imagine my surprise when I uploaded this photo on the computer and saw the many visitors. The one on the left was on his way and the other two were already doing what they always do when they find a flower.

Flower of the Day: 26.06.2016 Privet