One Word Photo Challenge: Camel

Camels outside Marrakesh

I know Hannibal once crossed the alps, probably on a camel, or perhaps a Yak, but unfortunately camels are few and far between in Switzerland. There are some that I would describe as being a camel, but more in the negative sense of the word and probably an insult to a camel. I have few photos of a camel, actually only this one. It was taken in Marrakesh and it was more luck than judgement that I actually had the camels taking a walk outside the walls of the city of Marrakesh.

One Word Photo Challenge: Camel

Fun Foto Challenge: All About Cities Skylines to Street Photography

Government building in Bern

The Bundenhaus (Parliament) in Bern, Switzerland. The square was redesigned and there are now water jets embedded in the paving stones. Either you get a nice fountaine, or during the summer an outdoor cooling down place for the kids.

The Thames towards West

The River Thames in London winding its way Westwards.

New York 1993

New York Street scene, 1993

Solothurn, Zeughaus

A view over Solothurn in Switzerland, my local main town,  taken from the cathedral tower showing the Arsenal museum and surrounding buidings.

St. Urs Cathedral from Vorstadt, Solothurn

St. Urs cathedral Solothurn with the Landhouse in the forefront.

Fun Foto Challenge: All about Cities Skylines to Street Scenes

Daily Prompt: The Daily Circus

Garden ornament 30.05.2016

Don’t expect photos of trapeze artists or clowns from me and as far as the animals are concerned, if they were asked I am sure they would prefer to be in their natural surroundings and not coaxed to jump through hoops or sit on strange pedestals and do a growl now and again when some guy waves a whip.

Circus posterI avoid clowns as well, even the one at MacDonalds that only does his work because he is paid for it. I had a look at my photo collection and found my circus items were few. Now and again a circus will travel around Switzerland and make a stop in our town of Solothurn. If you really want to see a circus there are enough examples in daily life, called parliaments. They might not wear a red nose, or paint a big red grin on their faces, but they mostly all dress the same in their clean white shirts held together with a tie around their necks and all performing as if they were trained for the job.

On one of my visits to London my dad often watched the daily parliament circus in television. It is even televised, but he is not political, he only watched because the time was shown clearly on the screen and he was always keen about the time. He was not interested in the antics of the performers, the politicians, he just wanted to know what time it was. The most important object in his room was his clock which was balanced on the window sill. When I visited he even complained because the telegram he received from the Queen for his 100th birthday was blocking the view of the clock. I did not have to remove the clock, just re-arrange the Queen’s telegram. He still has his famous clock on the wall in his room where he is now. One of the few items he took with him.

English politicians are really at their best when they have their get togethers to plan the future of the country. Are these clowns or the people that hold the future of the country.

What more can you say?

The Swiss parliament is not much better, but our politicians take an active part in the laughter.

This actually happened and it is one of our ministers talking. At least he could laugh himself. He is no longer a minister, and no he did not leave to join a circus afterwards, he retired.

I do not have much more to say about circus because I do not like them. Perhaps I was scared as a kid by a clown that wanted to be funny. Mum always said I should avoid strange men dressed up in big shoes with big red mouths and white painted faces, they were to be handled with suspicion and of course, do not accept any sweets from them.

I am not inspired, I have a circus phobia, my only interest is taking photos.There is a Swiss national cicus, Circus Knie, been in the same family for generations. During the summer they tour throughout Switzerland erecting their tent on the main squares of the town they are visiting and have a separate zoo area for the animals. During the Winter they are camped down near the Lake of Zürich. I have never visited this circus, but many parents take their children when it arrives. My kids grew up without seeing the circus.

It is not very often that I run out of words, but today is the case. I have absolutely nothing to say about a circus. I do not like them.

Daily Prompt: The Daily Circus

Good Morning

Maize field, Feldbrunnen

The clouds are gathering and I am not a happy person. Yesterday I was recovering from the shock that my father had a turn for the worse, which luckily had a postivie end, although I am prepared for everything.

Last week my specialist’s receptioninist at last called to say I should call back for an appointment. Some time at the beginning of February I was sent to the neurologist as I had some symptoms. He examined me and decided I should have a back scan, and head scan in the tube with that noisy machine that makes banging noises all the time. Afterwards I had an x-ray of the thorax and still do not know why. The specialist did tell me on the phone that there were some irregularities, but I do not have a tumor – big deal, what I have I still do not know.

Kantonsspital Olten (2)The next episode was a visit to the next town for a lumbal puncture (fun having liquid drawn from your back- photo showing hospital in Olten by me) and an examination of the sight nerve. Afterwards the waiting game continued. In the meawhile my husband happened to see our local practioner who sent me to this super specialist and she had had a few words with him about me. Of course no-one tells me anything because the results must be carefully examined. Who am I in any case, just the patient, the guinea pig, the one with the interesting symptoms. Now, after two weeks I got a telephone last Wednesday lunch time, when I had turned off my phone for a golden oldie sleep, to call back and make an appointment with the specialist. I could only call today as the specialist would be closed from last Thursday until yesterday. He prolonged his Thursday day off for corpus christi holiday over the week-end until yesterday.

I had a big red ringed date in my calendar to call the doctor today to make an appointment. At last after a couple of months waiting, I could see the doc to find out what I had. In the meanwhile my 100 year old father had been admitted to an extra care home in England and I never know if I have to drop everything to fly to London. I have had enough stress.

Today I phoned the doctor’s assistant who told me Thursday 9th June at 1.00 o’clock there would be an appointment free. I told her that did not suit me. She apologised that everything was full up and when it would suit me. I told her today, or tomorrow or any other time this week and definitely not 1.00 o’clock on 9th June  when I am finishing my lunch or in more than a week.  There was silence and she said not possible, but if the doctor had a free appointment in the meanwhile when someone could not come she would let me know.

I have been waiting for a couple of months, no-one tells my anything and to be quite honest I am sure I know what I have after checking the symptoms and looking into Internet. I know Internet is not a doctor, but what other choice do I have. I want to know what is wrong with me and be able to carry on with my life and perhaps get some medicine to help. What I have is defintely not fatal, but not so good. My first signs are that I now walk with a stick as I am uncertain without support, pins and needles in my legs now and again and a few other symptoms.

I may not be a doctor, but know enough about medicine to not be lead into an alley. The doctors are for me not “gods in white” they are human beings. I know why I avoid running to a doctor with every little ache and pain, and only when really necessary.

In the meanwhile I will concentrate on the normalities of the day and hope for a telephone call from the guarding receptionist. Weather report cool and dull and I hope that the clouds will clear.

Enjoy the day, make the most of it and do not rely on other people especially doctors. Oh dear I seem to resemble one of those Facebook victims that begin to write all about their problems and throw out daggers to cool down. It does not help I know, but it feels good afterwards. I promise I will not do it in Facebook.