Flower of the Day: 29.05.2016 Tradescantia

Tradescantia 29.05 (3)

Tradescantia 29.05 (2)Tradescantia exists in various forms. There is the sort that we know as an indoor plant with a stripe on the leaf that climbs, I had a plant with mainly reddish leaves with beautiful little pink flowers. A colleague gave me this example when my garden was new. He had too many, thank goodness. Their flowers are in groups in between the leaves. At the moment we have rainy days and I had to wait for the flowers. Up to now I only had one or two, but today I took the risk of taking photos, more will follow as you can see the hidden buds in the bottom photo,.

I once saw a TV programme about John Tradescant the Elder and the Younger. Both were naturalists and probably we have them to thank for the discovery of these inconspicuous little flowers between the leaves. It is interesting to read about John Tradescant the Elder and John Tradescant the Younger, both being buried in the churchyard of St.Mary at Lambeth in London, on the South side of the River Thames. They made many discoveries at their time in the 16th and 17th century in the plant world. I once intended to visit their graves on a trip to London, but never actually did. Who knows, one day I might.

More photos will follow of my tradescantia when it stops raining and they arrive in abundance.

Flower of the Day: 29.05.2016 Tradescantia

Daily Prompt: Orderly, at least I try


I do try, really, but sometimes things just disappear. I have a wonderful rain jacket, which is very useful, especially if the hood is attached. I decided to unattach the hood as it was not raining and it always made a sort of bulk around my neck. Sometimes you just need a rain jacket even if it is not raining, but the idea is to wear it when it rains to keep yourself dry. We have a place where we keep all sorts of odds and sods (as my mum said) with caps, baseball hats, hats, scarves, strange purses and other things to wear that you never really need, but order must be. Every one has a space for the leftovers, the lost property, the ones that got away. Unfortunately the bits that get away from me I do not find again.

Somehow I  have a faint memory of putting the hood somewhere special. Unfortunately this special place has not yet been found. It seems I will have to again remove everything from the lost property, unwanted bits and pieces shelf. Pehaps I put it there after all. It is very time consuming when the monsoon rains arrive on the horizon and you have to go somewhere. There is nothing worse then getting a wet head of hair and everything dripping. How could I lose such an important part of my dress

LaundryAlthough I noticed that I am not alone as the person that forgets. There was an occasion when I visited my washing room which is in the basement. It is naturally organised, everything has its place. We are Swiss after all. Ok, to be quite honest it was a complete mess until about two years ago when I had the walls painted and a tiled floor put in. It was bare brick and messy before I had that done. Even a mouse strayed in once from the outside and found it a nice comfortable place to bury himself in during the winter. We even now have our wine cellar at the bottom on the righthand side. So I tranferred my wash to the appartment from this washing room paradise and met three socks on my way. Not my socks, of course, it is the job of Mr. Swiss to sort socks due to his turnover in wearing them. I am mainly bare foot at home and only wear socks if I am allowed to go anywhere. I do not like nylon stocks as they feel uncomfortable on my feet, especially when wearing shoes.

3 lonely socks found on the stairsWhen I left the lift (I had to travel one floor) I was confronted with three socks laying on the floor. They were not even pairs, just three odd socks. Now this was disorder at its utmost. I was puzzled, and checked my wash, but it was a white wash, the one with the underpants, vests and well I do not have to go into detail now do I. In any case it had absolutely nothing to do with feet or socks. I was confused. Three lonely socks laying on the ground. Being orderly I picked them up and laid them over the banister of the stair case. Of course I consulted Mr. Swiss. He examined the socks and declared himself not guilty. All his socks, and my son’s socks, were not searching for the other sock, they had paired themselves up with their partner. We deduced from this mysterious event, that someone in the house had dropped three socks and not noticed. The socks remained at least three days on the staircase and suddenly they disappeared. No-one asked questions or even thanked me for rescuing the socks. Perhaps I should have pinned a notice on them “found by Mrs. Angloswiss”, but I did not want to cause any annoyance. I came to the conclusion that there are a lot of unorderly people in the world.

I have discovered that becoming a golden oldie also brings its problems with order, but we have so many helpers today. We can organise our lives with computers, iPhones, iPads and make lists of all kinds. I even have a notice to remind me, with a signal tone of course, that on 31st May I must give my orchids fertiser which happens every three months.  At the beginning of August I should make an appointment with my dentist. These important landmarks in my life would be forgotten were it not for the modern cybernetics of life. If Mr. Swiss goes to the suprmarket and has to buy something for me that he does not know or would recognise, just a simple photo with my iPhone camera helps him with recognition.

And now I must go, there is a rain jacket hood waiting to be re-discovered, if only I could remember where I put it.

Daily Prompt: Orderly, at least I try

Good Morning

Breakfast and a computer

I awoke this morning, at 5.30 and discovered it was still raining. It began when I went to bed accompanied again with a sky dispute between some cloud gods, rain god, thunder gods and a few bolts of lightening which had continued throughout the night. My first reaction was plug in your iPhone as it was down to 78% and I did not want to have 0% by lunch time. You never know if there are photos to be made, messages to answer or telephone calls to be made, although no-one ever calls me with a voice, it is all done with the written word, hearts, kisses and other strange icons. Who am I kidding, I only have the phone for a bedside light. I even had to use my iPad for today’s morning photo, as you cannot take a photo including your phone if you want to take a photo with it. Sounds very complicated, but things are never simple in the morning. I have to collect my thoughts carefully.

As you can see apricot jam in on the menu today. I forgot to buy a fresh pot on Friday and am hoping that the remains in the jar will last until tomorrow morning. I decided on a lazy day today, casting out the stress of a golden oldie timetable, although I know that sitting around and doing nothing would be boring. You must have a purpose in life and so I decided that after breakfast and a quick catchup on “what is going on in my computer world” and “let’s see what the others have written” I will probably take my Dyson for a walk around the appartment.

There is a Sunday dinner to be cooked. Today it will be filet of pork wrapped in flaky pastry garnished with tomato and chopped onions and accompanied by green beans, not fresh from the fields as they are only harvested in our country in August. They will be the frozen kind which I am quite happy about. Gone are the days of the sacrificial cooking exertions for the Sunday dinner. I do not know whether my mum did it because it was custom, but every Sunday morning the place would be full of the aroma of roast beef or pork which would be served with baked potatoes, perhaps yorkshire pudding, and some sort of veg. Reflecting on this custom, I realise that fish and chips would have done it just as well. Mum was generally stressed out by lunch time which was usually around 1.30-2.00 p.m. because this customary lunch took longer. She believed in cooking the meat to make sure “it was done” meaning it was generally dry, so thank goodness for bisto gravy to add the lost moisture and to facilitate the swallowing process. No, mum could not cook, but she was convinced that cooking how her mother cooked around 1920-1930 was ideal and so she cooked like my grandmother. I never knew my maternal grandmother, so could not judge if she really was a good cook.

So what shall I do today. I am reading quite a good book at the moment Ashley Bell  by Dean Koontz. It is some time since I read a Dean Koontz book. He writes along the lines of Stephen King, but has his own ideas. All very mysterious, strange and out of this world. One of those non-realistic novels that Mr. Swiss does not like. He prefers real life action.

The rain has gone and the sun has appeared and it looks like it will be warming up. I could go for a walk, but why the exertions when I can just as well sit ouside on the porch, and take my computer with me. I generally use my Apple Macbook outside as I do not have to plug it in, the battery lasts for at least 8 hours if not longer. If I take my Windows machine I would have to plug it in as after an hour it would be begging for an electric infusion.

It is now action time. See you later after lunch, or those that are still sleeping, when you rise to see what has happened in the virual world during your sleep. Are we addicted to computers? No, of course no, we can all live without them if necessary. Luckily it is not necessary.