Flower of the Day: 28.05.2016 Chives

Chives 26.05.2016

Tabby 28.05 (1)Something I know mainly from the kitchen. Chopped chive stalks in a salad sauce or a sprinkling over a plate of tomatoes are a welcome supplement to the taste of the dish. I always have chives growing outside in a box during the summer and if I need some, I just cut it with the scissors. We say do not let them flower, otherwise the stalks will become tough and can no longer be used. They have a wonderful flower and so I made the most of taking a photo from the herb beds at the local gardening park.

Flower of the Day: 28.05.2016 Chives

Daily Prompt: Epitome

These statues are part of the ages of man. I would probably qualify as the one in front of the guy pushing the trolley, not quite there yet, but heading in that direction. I have a stick but do not lean on it, and do not yet crawl for the plain fact that I would probably no longer be able to stand up afterwards.

7 ages of man Wyss Garten Center 26.05 (7)

I just love those prompts where my first reaction is “huh” when I see the word and the second reaction is “let’s see what the others wrote” to discover what it is all about. My third reaction is to ask Mr. Swiss  to classify my epitomic values, to see if I could write something fairly sensible according to the word offered.

He did not know the word in english and to be quite honest neither did I. I looked it up in the German and I must say it said more to me than the english word, so now I should be ready to go, but am still not sure where.

Perhaps I am the epitome of a blogger because I do not have much better to do with my spare time. I was not the epitome of a blogger when we were getting rehashed 1-2 year old prompts that I had done before. This definitely destroyed my epitomic blogging values. However, we now have a breath of fresh prompt air blowing through and we received single words to inspire the spirit and set the cells alight in the brain, if we still have one that functions.

In compliance with my epitomic value as a blogger I am now writing I have cast aside all thoughts of laying on a sun bed and absorbing the rays of the sun, or taking photos of new developments in the garden. I am writing about I, me and myself because everything else would probably be boring. Who wants to read about the development of my lawn. At the moment Mr. Swiss instructed our Mowey to cut the grass as usual daily. We had thoughts about leaving it for the day as were not sure whether after the monsoon rains during the night it would be a good idea, but now the sun has arrived and Mowey is on his way, keeping the grass stalks all at the same length. Mowey is an epitome of following instructions as long as you press the right buttons.

For the lack of something more sensible to write I asked Mr. Swiss what my epitomic values would be. He thought awhile and said you have no “Berührungsangst” which lead me again to the english-german dictionary. I recognised the german word, but my english half of the brain did not. It seems I have no fear of contact, although this is not exactly true. I might take photos of spiders, but I do not pick them up and give them a spider tummy tickle. It seems he meant this in the sense of the word that letting me out can sometimes be quite surprising. I generally get involved in coversations with all sorts of people. I remember we were once on a weeks holiday staying at a hotel in London. There were a group of Russian tourists on the next table at breakfast.

“They are speaking Russian.”

“Yes, well let them finish their breakfast and do not start a conversation.”

Now how comes he thought I might start talking to complete strangers, Russians as well. They could have been planning to overthrow the british government. We finished our breakfast and was leaving the table, I mean you cannot be impolite and just walk past witnout saying something, and so I wished them a nice day in Russian. They were overjoyed, saying thankyou and laughing and there followed a complicated exchange of Russian words, for me at least. We left the restaurant, yes I am the epitome of friendliness and perhaps I helped to seal the friendship between two nations.

I have rarely taken a boring trip on a plane. Whoever is sitting next to you are best victim for an interesting conversation, although in this day and age of modern communication there are many that wrap themselves up in their laptop or mobile telephone composing their business documents or constructing the telephone messages for when the switch on time again arrives when the plane has landed. It used to be so interesting to talk to the lady next to you, to the extent that we were still talking when the plane landed and our coffee cups had still not been collected by the hostess. Once I had the luck to sit next to an IT expert and I could ask all sorts of questions about buiding web sites and html language. It was the time when I was attending a web assistant course and he was a complete hour at my mercy. He seemed to disappear quite quickly after the plane landed – hope I did not say anything to annoy him.

And now my prompt is finished for the day, I have a few epitomic appointments with my camera to take a few photos and as it is Saturday I will be cooking asparagus for the eventing meal. It is the season for asparagus which will be finished in June, so let us make the most of it.

Daily Prompt: Epitome? Yes definitely

Good Morning

Back gardenIt’s a dull grey day today. I should have realised it as during the night. I could hear the pitter-patter if the raindrops falling and then a couple of the gods had an argument and were throwing thunder bolts around accomanied with some lighting effects. I fell asleep again but they could not let it be. It must have been quite an argument as they returned a couple of hours later. The result of the quarrel was that my one and only Asian peony was laying on the ground, a victim. Luckily there are still a few buds waiting to open.

As it is a dreary Saturday I will not be going places and seeing things, but staying at home with my computer(s). An opportunity to show some more photos from the old electric days that I saw at the exhibition last week.

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (35)

There was a special section on computers, featuring mainly Apple, which was the main reason why Mr. Swiss and I visited. This photo shows the very first Apple computer from 1976 and yes, it was assembled with wood. None of the high style steel as today. It does not seem possible that this was one of the first.

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (38)

I noticed this Apple Lisa machine which appeared in 1983 for the proud sum of almost $10,000 dollars. The wooden look was gone, and it was now completely made of synthetic material. I never actually had an Apple machine at that time, but my beginnings were with an IBM computer that Mr. Swiss brought home from work for a few weeks to try out and discover what it could do. I found for my elementary computer learning curve, it could only play a few tunes with a music synthesiser and I could play around a bit with DOS, although I found DOS was not leading anywhere for me. I wanted to write documents and not learn commands.

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (33)And then this one arrived complete with the floppy disc drive. Now I could play games, or was it my son that played games? I think we sort of shared it, but mum had to wait until No. 2 son was in bed to have a free run on this machine. I remember buying computer newspapers where there were programmes in machine language to copy and write up on the computer. They were long and complicated composed of numbers and signs if I remember rightly. I never did complete anything intelligent. I remember one result was a big boot at the top of the screen that would stamp up and down squashing strange stick insects. The problem being that my insects were in a long line at the bottom of the screen and the boot at the top with a vast space in between where nothing was happening. I think I misunderstood something on the way, but all beginnings are difficult.

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (34)And then the Amiga arrived which was the next step from the Commodore. Of course being a cyber mama and having a cyber man and son I decided it was a must have. I think we had even then progressed to hard disks with an alternative floppy disk work. Most housewives at that time were knitting, sewing and watching the television, but there are always exceptions to the rule. I had put away the knitting needles and spent my time travelling in warps on a screen, or breaking boulders. My son discovered he could fly aeroplanes and even help to win the war agains unknown forces. He was more into the fighting games and would often invite a colleague or he would visit the colleague. Computer games are more interesting when you share the experience it seems.

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (34)I was never into Atari, although I remember them at the time. This example was also on display. It looks quite modern and was probably one of the first with the new design.

We did a lot of walking on that afternoon at the exhibition not want to miss anything and a lot of memories returned. I do not remember that those old computers were so old fashioned and bulky. I still have the impression of something slimlined, modern and with a place of honour in my son’s room, or even in the living room. Yes, those were the days and the time would fly. I would sit at the computer at 9.00 in the evening and sudddenly it was almost midnight, although I had completed painting all the landscapes of Whizzball in the meanwhile.

And now back to the present. I must now switch off my Acer V 17 Nitro –  Black Edition Nividia and do something completely different, like switching on my Dyson special. In the meanwhile here is an interesting bench which was outside the exhibion hall, although I am not sure if it is comfortable sitting on those assembled computer circuits, or whatever they are called.

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (14)