Flower of the Day: 27.05.2016 Asian Peony

Asian Peony 27.05 (7)

I have two sorts of peonies in my garden. The normal filled peony which is red and which has now almost finished with its blossoms. I treated myself to the unfilled peony and I was told it is known as the Asian kind, but I am no expert. They are perhaps more simple that the big show off flowers, but they  spread their seeds I began with one plant and now have two or even three. They blossom later than the others, but I like them very much.

Flower of the Day: 27.05.2016 Asian Peony

Photo Challenge: Spare

Balloon over Feldbrunnen

Plenty of spare sky around for a few more balloons, although they usually only appear in single executions. The ride is probably too expensive to take in groups of balloons. We often see one very early in the morning on the way to the Bernese Overland probably to catch a closer view of the alps.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

Daily Prompt: A Fork in time …..

Oh, yes, well a fork, of course, what could be easier than writing about a fork. We have forks everywhere. I suppose the important part of the problem is what sort of fork, why you have the fork, and what you do with the fork. First of all find a fork and take a photo. This is easier said than done, some people can be very complicated.

“What are you doing inside the garden cupboard?”

“What does it look like I am doing – taking a photo of my garden fork of course.”

“Is it clean?”

“Looks a bit muddy on the prongs, but it is a garden fork. The one I use for digging up earth and replacing the earth afterwards. It tends to gather dirt on the prongs. You mean I should wash it?”

“Depends on what the photo is for. If you are going to blog about it, then it should be clean. People might start talking.”

“It is clean. I removed all the blood stains with a wire brush as some of them had dried on the prongs. Dracula, our friendly neighbour across the road that lives in the graveyard, said he only needed it for show, for a photo for his fans and it looked more genuine with the blood. It wasn’t real blood of course, well it was, but the local blood bank said they had too many plastic bags with Group O and had to make space for the more exclusive blood groups like A+ and B+ so they let me have it for a bargain price, just a few cloves of garlic. It gave them more room for  the special section of Rhesus – groups. He is such a nice neighbour, never any bother and so quiet, especially during the day. Ok, now and again it can get a little noisy at night, but we usually sleep.”

Fork“What are you doing now?”

“One photo is not enough if you want to invest some research into writing a blog, so I thought I would move on to the dual purposes garden fork. the one that I can use for the smaller jobs, digging out the stones and pieces of bone, and using the other side of it for covering things over.”

“Dracula covers things over.”

“Of course not, this one is my own private possession, for hiding the evidence before the birds dig it all out again and eat it. Don’t get excited. I am only talking about the seeds I plant in the garden. What did you think? Dracula isn’t into gardening.”


“Where are you going with those dinner forks.”

“Cannot leave people with the impression that forks are only needed for the heavy work, digging things up and burying them again. We also need forks to eat with. I am especially proud on the fork second from the bottom. That is for the heavy work like piercing pieces of raw meat and holding it down whilst I can cut it with the butcher’s knife into slices.”

“You have to hold it down, it’s alive?”

“Not usually, it just seems to want to slip and slide especially if it is still fresh. Where are you going, just a moment, you havn’t drunk your coffee.

I wanted to show you the other forks in my collection. The one at the top is an all purpose fork that I have for myself. It is not a fork I would give my guests, it is now worn down and the prongs are no longer sharp enough for piercing through steak. I like my steak rare, you know when a little red juice still runs out of it.


“Stay where you are I said.”

“Why are you approaching me with that long pronged fork.”

“Oh that is a special fork, and is resistant to very high temperatures, it makes no difference when it is plunged into boiling liquid.

Just a moment, come back, why are you running away. It is my cheese fondue fork, special for piercing pieces of bread and dipping into the cheese sauce.”

Daily Prompt: A fork in Time …..

Good Morning

M - Wyss Garden Center

Me in action. One of those sneaky photos that Mr. Swiss does whilst I am taking my exclusive photos. As you can see I have all the makings of a professional papparazzi. We were again embarking on one of our adventurous journeys. They weather was perfect, nice warm sunshine and we decided to visit the local gardens. The garden shop was closed, being a religious holiday for corpus christi, but the adjoining park and restaurant were open.

M - Wyss Garden CentreThey have various statues showing the different ages of mankind positioned around their pond. Visitors were few and far between and we almost had the park to ourselves. I was looking at all those characters walking with various supports as they reached the older years and realised I am not alone with my problems. It happens to many of us. Actually I have now started a study of the various walking sticks that people use. My stick is perfect, I could climb a mountain with it, if the rest of my body came too. You feel connected to people walking with a stick. “Oh, look another member of the secret club of stick walkers” or “I wonder why she needs a stick” and also “does she still need it in the supermarket when she can use the trolley for support?”. Yes, you are never alone with a walking stick. The biggest problem is when you want to take a photo, where do you put the stick. Luckily in the park yesterday, there were enough trees near enough to hang the stick on a branch. When standing free in the middle of a field, it can become a problem, but just resting it again my legs did the trick, as long as you do not lose your balance.

7 ages of man Wyss Garten Center 26.05 (5)This guy was the last in the row of figures, perched on the edge of the pond. It seems to be telling me something, like don’t forget to take your pet pig with you when you go. Perhaps this is what happens when you lose your stick. Mine is now hanging on the handle of the oven in the kitchen, although I do not really use it so much at home when I am busy occupying myself with various household hobbies. I have often forgotten where I put it, and then there is a general search action until we find it. The problems of a golden oldie.

I am a beginner, but perhaps there are courses “Learn how to use your stick” as the beginners lesson, advancing to “Stick manipulations when taking photographs”. There are untold possibilities. The main problem is when the stick loses its balance and falls. Having problems with bending and returning to the upright position, I am glad to have Mr. Swiss with me, although he is a few years ahead of me. What happens when one day he also needs a stick. Another problem to be sold, but life has many adventures to be overcome.

Of course, I can still walk free of any support, but the feeling that I could fall and not rise again is always in the background and open spaces are agraphobic without a stick. My doctor at last wants to see me next week. Must ask him if there is a remote control stick that I can programme to regain the original position if it falls to the ground.

And now to something completely different. Am off today to the supermarket for the week-end shopping and have no idea what to cook. The only article on my shopping list at the moment is cat straw for my feline’s recycling process.

Now I must go, my cleaning instruments are calling. I will leave you with a flower photo taken yesterday on my walk through the local gardens. If anyone knows the name of these flowers, I would be glad. I used to have them in my own garden and they have a very strong pleasant scent.

Flowers Wyss Garten Center (2)