Daily Prompt:The Trouble with Grain

Crows on the field

What are these crows doing on this empty field? A very good question, they are searching for some remainders of the grain that once grew here.  Crows are quite intelligent birds and know where to seek.

“Hey Fred, look, have a peck here, just found at least 5 grains of corn.”

“Great, don’t eat them all, I want some too.”

“And what about us”, cawed the rest of the tribe. There followed a squbble, a fight, claws were barred, there were a few screeches and those that found nothing flew off to the next field where the wheat was still waiting  to be harvested.

View over the Wheat field

And now the crows were happy, it was harvest pure, a laid table waiting to be cleared by their beaks.

It is now spring and there are only small green shoots poking over the earth, the seeds have been planted and the farmer is waiting for the rewards. Unfortunately the crows noticed that there was action and decided why wait until Autumn, when we can have a taste now. They were preparing to swoop down and have a peck into the earth when Farmer Jones approached. They ignored him, farmers were only humans and a peck in the right place would soon clear them away. However, farmer Jones was carrying something. It was perched on a stake and he planted it into the ground, just as Fred and his crow friends were sharpening their beaks.

Blue monster film “What’s that?” cawed Louis, on of the new arrivals, he had barely left the nest only a week before.

“I will have to think about it ” said Fred, and fluffed out a few feathers.

“Looks like a crow with long ears. That tail looks quite threatening. I think I will fly off to another field.” cawed Mabel, who was getting worried about leaving her babies on their own in a nest where they were waiting for food. They were always waiting for food it seemed. Mabel was wondering why she bothered. Year for year the same performance. Fred fertilises her eggs, she lays them and feeds them. And now this, a monster in the middle of a banqueting field.

“Liste Mabel, you go home and make sure our offspring are OK. I will fight the monster.”

Mabel flew off immediately.

“So Fred, what shall we do. No way am I pecking around the feet of that thing” said Louis. My mum did not tell me there would be monsters in the corn field. All I wanted was a few pecks to see what a fresh grain of wheat tasted like.

“What’s the problem boys, how come you are all hopping around that object.” It was Methusala, the oldest crow in the murder. Methusala had seen it all and knew it all, and a groups of crows were not called a murder for nothing. Methusala held the record for dead rodents. There were even humans that gave him a bowl of water to drink regularly, mainly because when they saw him coming with his beady red eyes, they decided it was safer.

“Look at it Methy” said Fred “it’s a monster and will probably kill us if we get closer. I am not touching a grain of wheat in that field.”

“Don’t be silly, just watch me” and Methusala sat on the object’s head and pecked at one of the ears. All the other crows retreated and cawed noisy screams.

“Methy, be careful, he could kill you.”

“Listen boys, live up to your reputations. Do you see blood, or sinews, even bones. No, of course not, Just straw and pieces of plastic. Farmer Jones does  every year. He drags out the same old scarecrow, although he varies with the design. It used to be just a few sticks pieced together with an old hat and coat. Since he got himself a computer, he has got refined with the designs. They get more colourful every year. A few  years ago he even built one with one red eye in the middle of its head. It was quite tasty actually, as he had made it from a cherry, even the stone was tasty. See that cherry tree growing over there, he has me to thank for that.”

Of course they knew the cherry tree, it was one of the delicacies of the area. And so they dared to attack the monster until there were only sticks, stuffing and bare threads left.  A week later Farmer Jones realised why only half the planted field was growing, because the crows had eaten most of the grain. His scarecrow was still there, but only a few remains. The crows decided not to destroy everything, otherwise Farmer Jones might get suspicious. In the meanwhile he got himself a new computer and a photoshop programme for a better more improved scarecrow design for the next year.

Eventually the crows had eaten enough and decided to wait until harvest time for the big banquet celebrations. Yes, a crows life is a grainy life. And Mabel’s chicks grew to be strong crows, the oldest being called Methusala 2 after his uncle.

Wheat in Feldbrunnen

Daily Prompt: The Trouble with Grain

Good Morning

Bleeding Heart Seed pods 24.05 (2)

I went for a walk through the garden yesterday and found this hanging on a plant. At last I had discovered the meaning of a bleeding heart plant life. These must be the famous seed pods that afterwards spread and grow, something I had been searching for, the chance to grow more bleeding hearts. I remember the first day some years ago when I found this small plant with its leaves growing in the garden. It then produced flowers.
Bleeding HeartI did not plant seeds, it just arrived. I remembered that my neighbour had something similar in her garden and so was reassured that it was not something like “The Day of the Triffids” by John Wyndham when plants began to grow on the earth from outer space and planned to destroy the human race. or was it the film “The Body Snatchers” where the strange fruits conquered the humans, making them into zombie replicas. If you want to know more, then google it.

So I watched this small plant grow and realised it did not develop a breathing apparatus or try to take over my body and mind. It was in the wrong place, lost and having no room to develop and so I shifted it to my other garden. It grew and expanded and I noticed a second plant growing in the hedge. I then realised that this was a do-it-yourself job, although I had never seen a seed since it had been growing.

This year I kept my eye on this mysterious plant and discovered yesterday  that it had produced seed pods. I decided this was my big chance. The seed stalk was weak and broken, but no problem, I will keep the seed formation until it dries out. Of course my next step was to google, we all google when we want to know the answer. I cannot write a blog without googling as I mostly forget names and places. If you hear a tune on the radio and you want to know the singer, just google it. That film you saw 20 years ago, just put in a few words into Internet and google it. You will find it. Today our lives are not only steered by the computer but by Google. I read yesterday that the French police had a razzia on the Google company because of breaking the secrets act. Is this possible, Google knows all the answers.

So to return to my seed pods, I googled it and found my first mistake. Living my life by google it told me that the seed pods should be left on the plant until they turn brown and show black seeds. I was too early, my seeds were still in the green stage. I have put them on one side, hoping that they might dehydrate and turn black in my appartment. In the meanwhile I have a second plant and more flowers and will go on a safari in the garden today to find if they also have seeds. I now have visions of a garden full of bleeding hearts next year, all self made.

And today is Wednesday, another day of visiting the hunting grounds of the supermarket. I just made a few additions to my shopping list on my iPhone. I was completely lost yesterday when cleaning the kitchen and saw that my bottle of Chrome cleaner was empty. I washed it out with water to capture the remains, but I must now buy a new bottle. Mr. Swiss reminded me that I should put decalcifier on the list for our water supply. I have become a list person. Since realising that the brain cells that die off are not replenished, I compensate by recording it, before it is forever banned from my memory.

I am still waiting for the results from my various examinations. Body scan, head scan,  vision nerve test, lumber puncture, thorax x-ray – is my doctor a descendent of Dr. Frankenstein, is he planning to build a new super human based on my blueprints? If so I must ask about the financial rewards.

And now to leave you, life is full of mysteries it seems. The biggest mystery today is what to cook for lunch.