Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Architecture

House in Solothurn

This house always fascinated me. The shutters are in the colour of our Kanton Solothurn.

Church St. Niklaus, Feldbrunnen

The church in my village, Feldbrunnen, Switzerland


Our friend’s converted farmhouse where they live, and also have a cat home attached, looking after cats belonging to people that go on holiday.

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Architecture

One Word Photo Challenge: Cage

Dead bird at the hairdressers

This is a dead bird, prepared and stuffed. Do not ask me about it, I do not really want to know. However, when you go to the hairdressers and find a dead bird at the entrance, you know that it was not a victim of Heidi, the hairdresser. It was just one of those decorations that some hairdressers might have.

Patrick at work

Cages are mainly for birds, so here is Otto (known as öttu in Swiss German). He belongs to my son’s boss and is always in the factory keeping an eye on things, not always in the cage.

Fluffy on the way to the vets

There are times when a feline has to be put into a cage to pay a visit to the vet. This is one of those occasions, Fluffy my blind Selkirk Rex, on his way. Fluffy left us for the eternal corn chambers about a year ago.

One Word Photo Challenge: Cage

Daily Prompt: Just phasing around

language books

My life is composed of phases, but some phases are permanent , just like the moon. We can rediscover them if we still have the remnants of the various objects we collected to support our phases. It begins when you are small, phasing into a make believe world where you were the sherriff in the town, and you had the gun to go with it. Child psychology did not play a big part in my education when I was a kid, at least not in my parent’s world. If she wanted a toy gun to play with instead of a doll, then why not. I never did the doll phase, I was more for action.

After living in the wild west and growing older I discovered the local library and Shelock Holmes. I read all the books and found there was also a section on ghosts and horror, which very much appealed to me. At last my future looked better, I would not become a gunman, or a detective, but more into the supernatural, visiting graveyards and wondering what was really beneath the ground, the meaning of life.

One day I got married, not a phase, just a biological event. I had children. Was this life? changing nappies, filling their mouths with food and keeping them respectably clean? Eventually they were put to bed and you had time to indulge in a phase again. Mine was steered by the fact that having four growing children was not cheap. My own needs were also a money matter and then I discovered the do-it-yourself mode. I joined a dressmaking class once a week during the evening. Buy the material and make it yourself. At last I had the latest fashion at half price, although the time spent in creating thses masterpieces was also an aspect. In the meanwhile my poor kids were forced to wear trousers that I made, it was cheaper and even if I say so myself, they looked quite good. I was dressen in exclusive creations, all hand made (and quite reasonable in price).

I began to knit. The home computer was not yet invented, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs had not yet moved into the garage with their finished Apple products, they were probably still phasing through their bricks with letters in the infants school. Now my mother-in-law entered my life and showed me how to knit socks. Not just any socks, but knee length socks held up by elastic at the top, this was/is Swiss school foot uniform. I learnt how to do it, to knit the heel and toe with reinforeced threads of wool beause these were the parts that wore out first of all. I do not know if my kids actually liked wearing these socks, I did not ask them. I was phasing. I created them in all colours of the rainow, but the design was constant. Of course, when summer arrived there was no need for socks. I then applied my knitting phase in another direction. A nice warm jacket for the summer evenings, or a pullover. My own work, and mostly my own creation. I had a knitted family.

The kids moved out or grew up and the computer moved in. It was my youngest with his Commodor and Amiga, and mum got phased into it. She discovered what a floppy disc was and they came in all sort of games. Koronis Rift and Whizzball were my two favourites, although Boulderdash was a close second. I moved on. Put the knitting needles on one side and discovered Facebook and its various Zynga games. Of course this was later, and I was no longer a member of the work force, but the golden oldie force. I had 5-6 farms all populated by cyber cows, horses, goats and sheep. I was running a restaurant from my bedroom, where I had installed the computer, and also owned a town. What ould be better?

In between I discovered how easy it was to find your family roots with help of a few Internet web sites and a computer programme which I installed on my computer. By this time I even had my own computer and was no longer sharing with Mr. Swiss. I discovered 1,000 relatives, most of them dead, some dying and others still alive. This was fun. My life was spent in finding the dead and playing games. It was then that the blogging phase arrived and I am still doing it after many years. In the meanwhile most of the facebook games have either disappeared or gome bankrupt. A few still exist, but I leave that to the newbies. My dead relatives are sharing 6 large files, all nicely organised and probably talking about the good old days.

And the above photo? That is part of my learning language phase, which still exists. I must admit I gave up arabic on the way. Being partially french, which I found out in my genealogy pbase, I decided to take a french course in between, although I noticed the genes might be there, but were in the minority. I have rediscovered my Russian thanks to a computer learning programme. I went to evening school for 12 years, learning basic Russian and have noticed that I can still do it, when not blogging, reading, gardening, taking photographs or organising, which are also phases. Yes my phases are permanent  installations and without them life would be boring.

Daily Prompt: Just phasig around

Good Morning


It is isolated outside. No-one is eating lunch on the porch, it is too cold and damp. In May we usually eat lunch and tea outside every day. Even when it is raining we are sheltered, but this year no big enthusiasm has arrived to sit eating wearing long sleeves and woolly socks and watching the rain drops fall. The only actors in the drama that are having fun are the slugs, although even they are sheltering somewhere beneath a large leaf waiting for the rain to stop. They like it wet, but not having a permanent shower, which reminds me to buy anti slug pellets on my next safari to the super market (which are envonment friendly and have never be know to poison a cat, dog, mouse, ant or beetle before anyone asks). I used them all on my front garden.

avocadoOtherwise my avocado is enjoying the weather and growing, a new leaf regularly. It is now about 2 months ago when I planted it in the pot. After spending a month sitting on water in an egg cup, it had produced a root, or two, and started to sprout a green shoot on top. I knew it was then pot time to proceed with the experiement. I had made many experiments over the years with my avocados which have failed miserably. I quite like eating them, but the main idea is to plant them. This one is growing. Perhaps this year is too soon for the first harvest, but next year definitely. I have two other avocados. I planted one of them in the garden, but it has gone missing. I cannot remember where I put it. I am sure it will appear again when it decides to grow and produce fruit. I have a monster stone in an egg cup which is now producing the first roots. I am planning on adding it to the plantage as soon as the first green shoot appears. I only buy these weird fruits to grow the plants. I have my eye on a pomegranate, that would be interesting.

And now for something completely different. It is Tuesday which means let’s have fun cleaning the bathroom and the doors. If it stops raining this afternoon, I might even risk a walk on the wild side in our village with my camera.

Have fun, work is calling and I have sticky fingers from the bread and jam breakfast. My computer is complaining that I should clean the keyboard.