Daily Prompt: Dream

Sunset over Feldbrunnen

This is one of my skies I had a dream about. I though the colours were great, really impressive and so I sent a cyber message to a guy called Zeus who had an advertisement in the newspaper “Order your favourite sky with me, immediate delivery if Jupiter agrees”  web site: http://www.greekgod.sky. I decided this would be ideal. I found the web site  and described what I wanted and did a photoshop of the photo which I include. I thought this sky would be great. Zeus answered straight away and said he did not have the colour in his celestial paintbox, but had a contact over at http://www.romangod.sky known as Jupiter, that might be able to help.

I tuned into  http://www.romangod.sky and got the same answer, but said he was working on it to see what could be done. In the meanwhile it would be full moon and probably Diana aka Luna could be of help with the colouring, as well as Selene, who could all be reached with the e-mail address greek.roman.looniemoonies@roman-greek-cooperative.skycolour. I sent a mail asking for help:

“Dear Moon Goddesses,

Enclosed please find the copy of a sky I had a dream about. I would very much like to see this in reality, perhaps tomorrow evening around 9 o’clock so that I could be ready with my camera to take a photo.  Please note, I do not have to have a moon in the photo, so perhaps you could organise a small cloud to cover it until I have made my photos.

Thanking you for you kind consideration

regards – Mrs. Angloswiss”

I then received the following answer:

“Dear Mrs. Angloswiss

We have taken your request into consideration. It seems that Jupiter and Zeus as more into grey and black tones at the moment, with a dash of blue in between. They are also very busy forming animal shaped clouds, having received a new colouring book and steam machine. We would be very glad to be of assistance, but we suggest you just continue to dream up a few new designs. We are doing our best currently to keep the sky colour free, and are unable to comply with your request for a cloud to cover the moon. Due to re-organisation of the responsibilities, this has know been handed over to Thor at http://www.thunder.crash. It might be glad to include such a red sky before organising his next thunder happening. We passed on your mail to his department. Unfortunately it was singed at the edges by a ligtening bolt, but we had a copy in one of our clouds.

Thor is quite busy as it seems to be the thunder season, but says he would oblige if you could perhaps place the remark “by copyright of Thor” on your photo, especially when uploading to various web sites. He finds that there are too many cheap copies of his work in circulation at the moment, due to it being the human firework season.

We trust to have been of assistance. If your problems continue you could perhaps contact your local politician, they are very good and having dreams about things in the sky.

Greek-Roman federation of moon goddesses”

I  decided it is better to sleep and not to dream, it is less confusing.

Daily Prompt: Dream

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